George Kittle has got the money to splurge! Back in August 2020, the tight end agreed to a lucrative five-year, $75 million contract with the San Francisco 49ers that had made him the highest-paid tight end back then. A few months before that, in May 2020, Kittle had bought a 75-acre property for $940,000 in the affluent Green Hills in Nashville. But did that cash flow tease him to make some mind-blowing additions to his possession?

While we can not comment on that, since the contract extension, the impressive pass catcher has continued to make his music city address a place to marvel at. The home is a mile from Lipscomb University and a 15-minute drive from downtown Nashville. The 4-bedroom off-season residence of the family features dark wooden floors, quartz kitchen countertops, and exposed wood beams in the living area. But the house has a lot more to explore beyond that. Let us take a look.

No more long drives for workout


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Kittle has built “The Barn” as a workout facility, which is more than a home gym. He had revealed to Niners Nation that he has turned a three-story horse barn into a gym including treadmills, bikes, squat racks, rowing machines, etc. “It was a horse barn, and we poured some cement, cleaned up a whole bunch of stuff, the interior of it, and remodeled a lot of it. It turned out to be exactly what I wanted it to be. The whole recovery room, yoga room, massage room,” he remarked.

And he did it all to ensure that he could train from the comfort of his home without having to travel places. The Barn is situated right at the entrance of the property, and it does have a very barn-like look from the outside. But everything changes once one enters the facility. It transforms into a full-fledged workout area with the latest equipment from Technogym. Back in April, 2021, Kittle had given the brand a shoutout for making his dream gym a reality. His thoughts behind the gym?

“There isn’t really an off-season with me. My goal is, I wanna win a SuperBowl. I wanna be the best player that I can possibly be and I can’t do that without state-of-the-art equipment, state-of-the-art facility,” Kittle had said to ESPN in 2021. To motivate himself, he has a piece of paper hanging, which is actually a contract that speaks of mindful awareness, loyalty, respect, trust, and honesty to make him a better player and a better person.

Another eye-catching feature of the gym is a gigantic American flag. George said that it was his wife Claire who bought it and he instantly thought of making it a centerpiece in the gym. However, the gym is not the only facility that he enjoys to keep his practice intact.

A gridiron in the backyard

George has been a standout performer for the 49ers since his draft in 2017 in the fifth round. He has 460 receptions for 6,274 yards and 37 touchdowns, earning him five Pro Bowl selections and two All-Pro honors. Last season, he caught 65 passes for 1,020 yards and six touchdowns in 16 games, taking his team to the Super Bowl game. There they lost to the current champions, the Kansas City Chiefs. Such a dazzling performance seems to perfectly sync with George saying that he does not have an off-season.

To ensure that, the family has a small football field in their backyard that Kittle uses so that he does not lose touch during the off-season. But it is not all about football. George has brought his passion for another sport into his home.

Enjoying a “tee” in leisure time

It was a bright day in April 2021. And George and his friends were enjoying the 2021 Masters. It was then the idea of the golf course occurred to him and a friend. “I have plenty of space, and he [Kittle’s friend] was like, ‘Let’s just go mow a golf course’. So me and one of my buddies we mowed everything down to like one inch and put flags up for four par three’s and two par four golf holes,” Kittle recalled in an interview with I am Athlete in 2022.

Kittle has four par 3s and two par 4s in his backyard. After lifting on Fridays, they would “throw a cooler” on the back of Kittle’s golf cart and play three six-hole rounds for the full-18 experience. Kittle said that he had the full backing of his wife behind the venture. Interestingly, the golf course also came as a Father’s Day gift to his dad, Bruce, an avid golf lover. Are you thinking the tour of Kittle’s home is over? Wait then.

Living with a bear under the same roof!

No, it is not a real one, but a painting! Kittle’s house has a 7-foot painting of a bear sitting that is more than his height. And he is absolutely obsessed with it that he can not take his eyes off it. Kittle calls the bear ‘Bodhi’. But why a bear out of everything?


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“The bear means a lot to me and my family. My entire family has bear paw tattoos. It’s kind of like our tribes. Claire is in the process of getting her’s,” Kittle explained. he described the beautiful piece of artwork as a powerful way to make his home special and give it a personal touch. But is that the only thing that defines the choices of the couple? No.

Not just a house, but a home

The house is nested amid lush greenery that is a welcome escape from the busy city life. “I just felt so comfortable here, and it’s out in the middle of nowhere but it was just calming and I could see out future everywhere, outside, inside. And to have that seclusion away from the city when we come back from such a busy football season is so nice,” Kittle’s wife Claire explained. She, according to Kittle, has a role to play to make it a home. So what did she do?


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Claire brought in the local Nashville flavor to the household. She deployed Nashville artists to create things for the home. Their mantle is from a local place. The dining table, Kitchen table, coffee table, and artwork are also locally made. What George and Claire like about their place is the openness of the place.

According to Claire, that is super-important to raise the children in the future. They already have a pet dog, deenie who also enjoys the vast open area in the place. “It is just such inviting space now,” Claire gushed at their proud possession. So does Kittle. Ask him, what does his home mean to him? “I’m gonna use these three. Family, Loyalty, and growing. There’s a lot of growing pains but there’s a lot of fun in growing as well,” Kittle said. Well, it’s worth bearing the pain to create a heaven like that!