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Some information about Justin Fields unfollowing the Chicago Bears on Instagram came out a few days ago. The world went into a frenzy and thought that something came as a last draw for the Bears QB. Some said that the Bears GM was eyeing Caleb Williams, which upset Justin Fields; others thought this was a long time coming.

However, the Bears QB came out and gave his reasons for doing so. It has nothing to do with the Chicago Bears, their front office, or even Caleb Williams. Fields appeared on The 33rd Team podcast and revealed the reasons behind his actions. For all we know, he doesn’t want to leave the Chicago Bears.

Justin Fields is sticking to his guns


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This host of the show and the Lions WR Amon-Ra St. Brown jumped straight to the point and asked Fields why he unfollowed his team on the social media platform. He said that people take social media so “seriously” and that he still “messes” with the Chicago Bears. This is his tactic to get out of the social media echo chamber, and he wanted to see a change on his social media page.

Scrolling through countless football posts has been a saturating experience for Fields, leaving him somewhat tired. He justified it by giving a hypothetical scenario that he doesn’t want to see a Bears post when he’s on vacation. That makes perfect sense, right? But the podcast host had a burning question to ask the QB.

St. Brown asked Fields, “Do you want to stay in Chicago, or what’s up?” Justin Fields had a firm stance about what he felt about the Chicago team.

“Yeah, of course, of course, I want to stay,” said the QB about his stance on the Bears. However, an article from ESPN paints a different picture of the situation.

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Are Justin Fields and the Chicago Bears having a fallout?

After being the Bears’ No.1 pick and playing three seasons with the team, it might finally be time for Fields to bid farewell. He did everything he could to bring his team to the top, but complications didn’t stop building up. Looking at it, he made peace with the idea of leaving the Bears.


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“That decision is not in my hands,” Fields said. “All I can control is what I did do. I gave it my all. Whether it’s here or not, I have no regrets.” However, he had more to say about the city of Chicago and the football fans that dwell in it.

“To the city of Chicago, love y’all,” he said. “Appreciate the fans and the support from all the Bears, you know, and in case this is my last rodeo with y’all, appreciate y’all for everything.”


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Hopefully, we will see some trading news about Fields in a few days. Where might he land if he decides to leave the Bears?

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