“If They Are Smart”: CJ Stroud Calls Out Chicago Bears as They Chase Caleb Williams While Ignoring Justin Fields

Published 02/20/2024, 9:23 AM EST

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Less than two months remain for the NFL Draft 2024! And CJ Stroud has opinions on what the Chicago Bears should do about it. The Bears had a 7-10 run this season and were at the bottom of their division. But here’s the deal. They ended the regular season at number 10 from the bottom. This means that under normal circumstances, they wouldn’t be anywhere near bagging the top QBs in the Draft. But here’s where things get interesting.

They actually have the first pick going into the Draft which they had traded from the Panthers. This is their second straight year with a number-one pick. And it’s understandable that they would want to recruit the hottest QB on the block. But if you asked the Texans QB, he’d tell you that it’s the wrong decision.

CJ Stroud thinks the Bears are making a mistake


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“Do you think they’re going to keep Justin Fields?” was the reporter’s question to Stroud. After all, they have the first overall pick. Why settle for a veteran but average QB, when they have the chance to recruit someone absolutely fresh off the oven? However, Stroud’s answer was in favor of the opposite. “They should. If they are smart.”

The reporter cheekily said, “It’s the Bears,” hinting that they can’t be expected to make a smart move. To this, Stroud chuckled and said, “You said it, not me.” However, is Stroud right? Should the Bears continue to place their faith in the 24-year-old? There are several reasons to suggest that he might be.


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Why the Bears should continue with Fields

Fields’ journey in the NFL has been marked by both flashes of brilliance and moments of struggle. While he has shown undeniable talent, his performance has been inconsistent. Turnovers and missed opportunities reflect the challenges faced by a young quarterback acclimating to the league. Yet it’s not all on him. Fans know that external factors, including coaching changes, roster dynamics, and injuries, have also played a role in Fields’ development.


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USA Today via Reuters

His potential to be a game-changer on the field is evident. And there’s a collective hope that with the right guidance and support, the 24-year-old could evolve into a perennial Pro Bowl talent. Fields possesses a rare blend of arm strength, mobility, and leadership qualities, making him a valuable asset for the Bears. Opting to stick with him rather than gambling on a new quarterback with the top overall pick is a sentiment echoed by many.

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Should Bears GM Ryan Poles choose to commit to Fields, it could set the stage for a promising future, with the potential for deep playoff runs and a roster bolstered by additional talent acquisitions.

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