Is Jameis Winston Top Contender To Replace Derek As QB1 Loses Locker Room?

Published 12/11/2023, 1:47 PM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

As the season is nearing its end, things are starting to get complicated. This became glaringly clear when Saints’ center Erik McCoy lost it on QB Derek Carr during the game vs Carolina Panthers. Going through concussion protocols and showcasing a subpar performance, the QB is in a precarious situation with the Saints. With a seemingly lost locker room and lingering injuries; is the QB1 looking at a potential Jameis Winston return?

Since Carr is treading on thin ice due to multiple injuries, his anger is seemingly getting the best of him. Now, with the McCoy incident, the question arises if it’s time for Jameis to step up. The backup QB might as well be the answer to the Saints’ woes. Troubled with injuries and yelling in matches left, right, and center; is it time for Carr to take a break?

Jameis Winston the next best option for the Saints

Carr has missed out on 3 matches so far and has landed 13 TDs with 7 interceptions this season. Since Carr is questionable to return for next week, it is safe to say that Jameis Winston might be taking over his place. Saints’ QB2 has replaced the QB1 a couple of times this season including the game against the Lions after Carr was injured. But can he replace Carr and lead the Saints towards a win?

Jameis Winston was the first-round pick and the first overall pick of the New Orleans Saints in 2015. In this season, he has seen action in just 6 games and has recorded 264 passing yards and 2 touchdowns, while throwing 3 interceptions. Even though he has a completion percentage of 53.2 in contrast to Carr’s 66.4, he is not suffering from any niggling injuries.

Earlier this year, Derek Carr was confident in backup QB Jameis Winston. He said, “Jameis is a starter in this league. We have a couple guys that can start NFL football games in our room and Jameis is another one of those guys. Jameis came in — in practice, I take every rep — and he did a great job of stepping in with no reps and playing good football. As he knows, in that role no matter where you’re at, when you’re called upon that’s the expectation. I thought he did a great job for what he was asked to do, absolutely.”

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Since Derek Carr is breaching uncharted waters with the Saints,  it became glaringly clear when, despite the Saints winning the game 28-6 over the Carolina Panthers, the center was seen shouting at the QB. Troubled with injuries and yelling in the matches, has Carr lost control of the locker room?

Saints players ‘fed up’ with Derek Carr?

Dov Kleinman took to X to share a video of McCoy screaming wildly at Carr, who turned around to look at him but did not say anything. In a media interaction after the game, Carr did not elaborate on what caused his teammate to go off, but he clarified that both of them had their reasons to be upset. As a relief to Saints fans, the two have already buried the hatchet.

However, this situation was not a one-off thing. There have been multiple incidents this season where the QB can be seen ripping up his teammates on camera several times. In the Week 6 loss to the Houston Texans, Carr was seen speaking to OC Pete Carmichael, who stormed off after the conversation.

During week 7, he was once again yelling at WR Chris Olave on camera after their loss to the Jaguars. Even though the QB later apologized, stating “I have got to kind of chill out and that’s me holding myself accountable“.

However, the issues do not stop just here for Carr. The 32-year-old has faced multiple injuries as well; including a shoulder injury vs the Packers and rib injuries vs the Lions. And that’s not all, he has also been placed in concussion protocols twice so far. With the Saints’ tendency to replace injured players with lingering injuries, there is a possibility that the QB might get replaced.

Now with increasing issues in Carr’s performance and questionable status, can Winston be the answer to the Saints’ woes as they take on the New York Giants on Sunday? Kick-off is at 1 p.m. ET on December 17 at Caesars Superdome, New Orleans.

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