Justin Fields Welcomed by Russell Wilson as DJ Moore Reflects on NFL’s Bleak Reality: “Let’s Get It”

Published 03/16/2024, 10:01 PM EDT

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Russell Wilson has had a wild few weeks of late. After being released by the Broncos, to secure a place with the Steelers, the QB has endured the highs and lows of the NFL. But since his move to the Steelers, he has found a new leash on his career. The former Broncos QB has impressed everyone at Pittsburgh following his introduction yesterday. Further, with Justin Fields‘ trade confirmed, Wilson has been leaving a positive impression on the former Bears QB too.

Although, the Bears’ trade with the Steelers left some with feelings of discontent and incompletion. Not many would argue this is the most sensible move for all parties concerned. Yet, amidst all emotions, Russell Wilson has welcomed the move with open arms.

Russell Wilson fired up for Justin Fields’ arrival!


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The Former Broncos QB has never been one to shy away from competition. Even when his apparent Broncos decision was confirmed, he continued to persevere for his future with the utmost respect. Now with the Steelers moving on from Kenny Pickett and bringing in Justin Fields to backup QB1, he has assumed the leadership with his prevailing panache.

Following the Steelers’ Confirmation, Russell Wilson took to Instagram as well as X (formerly Twitter) to welcome the Bears QB. In the story posted by Wilson, he shared a past picture with Fields as they held hands, with the caption, “QB room about to be” with multiple fire emojis.

He had shared a similar welcome message for Fields on X, with the addition of “Let’s get it”, signaling his intent to revive his potential HOF career. Fields has been told of his QB status at the Steelers, which is to backup Russ, as conveyed by Mike Tomlin, but it could help the former Bears QB reignite his NFL career as well.

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Since Justin Fields has been traded away from Chicago, it all but confirms Bears’ decision to use the #1 pick on a QB, most likely young star Caleb Williams. While many may be excited about such a move, DJ Moore took to X to convey his discontent yet resigned acceptance.

DJ Moore’s Post Illuminates Harsh Reality


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Following Bears’ confirmation, DJ Moore shared a post on X, stating, “Business is Business,” penning his feelings on Fields’ Trade. While he seemingly understood that it was ultimately the right path and choice for everyone involved, it did highlight how harsh the NFL can be sometimes toward a player. It is solidified by the moves we have seen so far in the offseason. Kenny Pickett’s move also added to the narrative, as the Steelers cashed out of their 20th Overall pick from 2022.

USA Today via Reuters

Russell Wilson’s Salary Cap wrecking release is another that emphasizes how brutal and cutthroat one’s NFL future can be, as the Steelers QB signed for a league minimum of $1.21 Million. Although Moore’s post will be confirmed over and over again as the offseason continues, it does earmark the baseline rationality; to win a Super Bowl. With the Steelers’ offense revitalized under Mike Tomlin, they will be hoping to do just that.


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Justin Fields’ arrival at the Steelers has fired up Russell Wilson and in relation, the Steelers. Meanwhile, DJ Moore will look forward to the Bears’ Draft QB lighting up a similar fire in 1 month.


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