Football enthusiasts and Kirk Cousins fans can’t wait to see what he looks like on the field after months of rehab. The Atlanta Falcons have been moving in surprising ways, first by giving Cousins a huge bag, then signing Michael Penix Jr. to reinforce their quarterback room. It might have been odd for Cousins at first, but he understood that football is a business first.

As the OTAs started, the ex-Minnesota QB was already dropping dimes on the field and his receivers Darnell Mooney, Kyle Pitts, and Drake London are making sure they absorb everything that Cousins has to imbibe in them. After all the restless days, Cousins has finally made his mark on the team and is expected to lead the Falcons as their QB1 soon enough.

Kirk Cousins QB1 days are nigh


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The QB getting $100 million in guarantees after his Achilles injury has been shocking to many. Some NFL analysts even thought that Kirk Cousins lost the plot of the game, soon to be washed up. But the truth is the opposite of the common consensus. The QB is learning how to assert himself as a leader, but also being open to suggestions at the same time.

Cameron Wolfe, the NFL insider admitted in a conversation with Ian Rapoport that Cousins is indeed the starting quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons. An anonymous coach told Wolfe that having Cousins makes the “night and day” difference for Atlanta’s offense. The coaches and players already see the QB as a “natural born leader,” capable of achieving post-season success. For all we know, Cousins is doing a heck of a lot better than Desmond Ridder who had a sub-par season previously.

“One coach told me it’s ‘night and day’ with Kirk Cousins commanding this offense versus what we had last year, which remember Desmond Ridder was the quarterback for most of the season,” admitted the analyst to Ian Rapoport.

Wolfe then added, “And I had a veteran starter also tell me, look, he said he is as advertised, no doubt a natural born leader, and his presence alone will make us better.” Ridder played the whole season with the Falcons and came up with 2,836 yards and 12 touchdowns, which might be considered sub-par on so many levels. But can Kirk Cousins save the team after recovering from his Achilles tear?

The QB is doing everything in his power to make sure the team members get along with each other, not only on the field but also getting to know everyone’s pet peeves. Cousins took everyone to see someone who might be special to him.

Cousins’ taking a road trip for a better future

Per a lot of different sources, Cousins had been planning a trip since last month to take his receivers to see coach Jon Gruden and learn more about how they can improve the offense. Gruden, who got caught up in a controversy during his Monday Night Football games is facing a lot of scrutiny for his distasteful remarks that also involve commissioner Roger Goodell. But that didn’t stop Cousins from seeing his former coach Jay Gruden’s brother.


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“And I’m one example of just maybe Kirk Cousins taking this team and really making it his own. He took all his pass catchers down to Tampa early in the, earlier in the off-season to have a film session with former head coach, John Gruden,” said Cameron Wolfe.

Cousins took Kyle Pitts, Drake London, and Darnell Mooney to Gruden to dissect game footage for the receivers so they could understand the nuances better. The goal was to bond, to understand what grinds everyone’s gears, making it a perfect segue to building team chemistry. Drake London for one felt thankful to Cousins for his efforts.


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“It was eye-opening,” London told reporters following an OTA practice on Tuesday. “I think it broke down a barrier with all of us that was needed.” Also, Kyle Pitts admitted, “watching a lot of tape.” The main purpose of this trip was to get everyone in tune with Cousins’ style and speed and Darnell Mooney learned exactly what Cousins wanted.

“I learned a lot just being in that room for three to four hours that we were there. He loved showing some old-school film, but it was a very nice trip,” said Mooney. The OTAs seem to be doing well and Cousins is slowly becoming a leader of the Falcons’ offense, earning it one step at a time.