Legendary Actor Jeff Goldblum Still in Shock Over Massive Super Bowl LVIII Ovation

Published 02/22/2024, 7:50 AM EST

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Jeff Goldblum certainly didn’t shy away from the spotlight during the Super Bowl. When the cameras caught him on the Jumbotron, his lively reaction has since become a viral sensation on social media. But many contrasted his upbeat demeanor with Leonardo DiCaprio’s more reserved response.

When the crowd saw Goldblum on the Jumbotron, they went ecstatic. The entire stadium gave him a standing ovation. No other A-lister, not even Taylor Swift, had received such a reception.

Jeff Goldblum had a great time at the Super Bowl


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Last night, Jeff Goldblum spoke about his big moment on Jimmy Kimmel Live. He told Jimmy, “I didn’t know they were going to come upon me, as that seems. And I was just thrilled to be there. I was eating it up.” Jimmy chimed in, saying, “I think you got the biggest ovation outside of the players on the field of anybody at the whole game.”


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Goldblum, who still hadn’t fully recovered from the shock, said, “I was happy to be there. You know I’m an NFL fan. I’m a Steelers fan. But this year I spent a lot of time working and in Europe so I’ve missed every game. So I was actually hungry to see every snap.” Goldblum explained why he was so hyped. He said that he was at Allegiant Stadium for the first time in his life. “It’s a very, kind of, manageable size. I imagined it would be the fall of Rome, some kind of too big thing… I had a great, great time.” The Jurassic Park actor was “happy to be amongst people and see everybody.”

Goldblum really seemed to relish the whole experience. However, one person didn’t seem too excited to be there for the Super Bowl.

DiCaprio’s camera-shy moment

It seems Leonardo DiCaprio had a moment of camera shyness during the Super Bowl festivities. He was spotted ducking his head and wiping his nose inside his suit ahead of the Chiefs’ exciting win on Sunday. As the camera panned to celebrities awaiting the game, DiCaprio was barely recognizable under a baseball hat that covered his face. He was also seen tugging on his nose.


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The 49-year-old actor seemed to avoid being spotted, as he ducked his head towards the table whenever the camera came his way, prompting laughter from his friends sitting beside him. The situation didn’t go unnoticed online, with many finding humor in it. One person commented, “They did him dirty for this,” while another joked, “Can’t anyone just have a booger these days?” Yet another online user quipped, “Leo, look up, you’re on camera,” with another suggesting, “The cold indoor environment must have given him the sniffles.”


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It seems like even Hollywood A-listers like DiCaprio have their moments of wanting to avoid the spotlight!


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