“Let’s Not Discount Hanging Around the Rim” – Jerry Jones Defends Mike McCarthy & Dak Prescott Despite Calls for Him to Clean House

Published 01/31/2024, 9:56 AM EST

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Things aren’t looking good for Jerry Jones and Co. Now, for the third straight offseason, the Cowboys find themselves at the Senior Bowl. Why? After getting fans’ hopes up, they left the playoffs early. That too, following a 12-win season! Despite the setbacks, owner and GM Jerry Jones remains optimistic about the team’s potential.

He isn’t prepared to take any action because the media is hounding him. That is giving up on his HC and QB. Dak Prescot and Mike McCarthy may have tanked the playoffs. But can you really overlook the stellar season they had?

Jerry Jones stands up for his team

Jones is all about hanging around the rim. “I like the fact that he’s hanging around the rim,” Jones told eager reporters. “We’re not getting the ball in, but we’re hanging around the rim. Let’s not discount hanging around the rim.” What does that even mean? If you’re also into basketball, you’d get the analogy. But here’s what it means.

He basically wants to say that they might not be scoring yet. But it’s not like they’re not getting anywhere near as well. And what about McCarthy and Dak? McCarthy got a shoutout for helping Dak up his game. Jones thinks that there’s more to squeeze out of his QB in his ninth season. “Dak’s got room to level up,” Jones emphasized. He stepped up this year, and Jones is banking on even more growth next year and the next.

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And that’s not all. When Jones throws in that “next year” at the end, it’s a wink. It seems Prescott isn’t going anywhere after 2024. What about other changes during the offseason?

What does the Cowboys’ future look like?

It’s been 28 seasons since the Cowboys sank a basket. Now, talking about running it back for the next season might not set the fan base on fire. Not after that shocking wild-card defeat in which the No. 2 seed Cowboys were thoroughly embarrassed by the Packers. You’d think Jones might shake things up.

USA Today via Reuters

But don’t expect a complete overhaul. However, there’s a chance they might spice up the roster game in the offseason. Jones didn’t spill the beans on specifics. But the buzz is about turning up the heat in free agency. That’s something the Cowboys haven’t done in over a decade. Yet, it’s not a walk in the park when you’ve got Dak, CeeDee Lamb, and Micah Parsons eyeing some hefty paydays down the road. It’s a tightrope walk, but the Cowboys are ready for the challenge.

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