Everyone can be a father, but it takes a special person to be a dad! And Patrick Mahomes is a stellar example of that line. But apart from showering all the love on his kids, the quarterback also makes sure to show his mischievous side from time to time. And the most recent instance came on Father’s Day when the star player was seen playing hide-and-seek.

And as usual, being the family’s designated documentarian, Mahomes’ wife Brittany captured the adorable moment and shared it on her Instagram stories. In the video, the three-time Super Bowl Champion could be seen peeking out from under the bed, with his three-year-old daughter Sterling and 18-month-old son Bronze. Amidst this, unable to contain her joy, little Miss Sterling turned into a tattletale, revealing the trio’s hiding spot. “Mommy, come see,” the little girl called out, prompting her mother, who was busy recording the shenanigans, to burst out laughing.

However, this was not the only adorable moment that Brittany Mahomes shared on her Instagram, on the special occasion.


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The retired soccer player dropped a lovely picture of the trio. Captioning the post, “Happy Father’s Day to the MVP Dad! What you do day in and day out for this family amazes me everyday🥹 We are so grateful for you and love you to the moon! Bronze and Ster are obsessed with you and well I am too🥰🤍”, the cute snap featured the kids sitting on her husband’s lap. Apart from this, Adidas, who Patrick endorses, also wished the three-time Super Bowl MVP.

The sportswear manufacturer shared a video where the three can be seen having some fun with each other while donning Adidas outfits. Sterling is seen enjoying with a baby scooter. On the other hand, Bronze is hovering around his dad, showing a little gold ball to him. Reposting the snippet to her IG stories, Brittany captioned it, “MY fam.”

With these adorable moments, it’s safe to say that despite his busy schedule, the star loves to spend his free time with his kids. And fans love every second of it! With KC Chiefs’ training camp set to begin on July 21, it’s understandable why it’s all the more important for the player to prioritize family time. And even the father of two realizes that his absence due to professional commitments can prove to be detrimental. But that is exactly why he makes sure to leave memories his kids can be proud of!

Patrick Mahomes wants his absence to mean something

As a father, Patrick Mahomes has one dream: To be someone his kids can look up to. But that can be hard to do as a highly successful player. However, there’s nothing Mahomes can’t do on and off the gridiron. In a conversation with CBS Mornings, the player said, “When my kids grow up, I wanted them to see that dad wasn’t just gone just to be gone. I was gone doing something, to build, to be great. And so, whenever they get older, they can see how hard I worked.” And so far, he seems to have achieved that dream.

Mahomes is the first player in the history of the four major US sports leagues (namely, NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL) to win the championship MVP award three times in his first seven seasons. Not just that, in comparison to retired veteran Tom Brady, Mahomes has clinched more playoff wins and AFC titles, in his first six seasons in the NFL.


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But, to him, his thirst for being a role model isn’t just bound to his young ones. “I want to be someone that the kids can look up to and say that, ‘Hey, I want to be like Patrick Mahomes. And I want parents to think that, ‘Hey, that’s a guy that I want my kid to be like.’ And so, that’s how I’ll play the game,” he shared.

True to his word, the quarterback phenom’s foundation, 15 and the Mahomies, is another aspect that inches him closer to that dream. Founded in 2019, it is dedicated to children and mainly focuses on communities in need of resources, health, wellness, and other charitable causes. 15 FOR 15, the foundation’s flagship program, among other ventures, especially looks into supporting 15 youth charitable initiatives that focus on the betterment of a child’s education, well-being, health and disability concerns. Till date, the charitable body has donated $300,000 to various organizations to support youth initiatives.

Also backing his point is his high school sweetheart and wife, Brittany. Calling her husband “the best father ever”, she emphasized, I think he’s done such an amazing job at balancing his work life and his at-home life, and I think he’s really switched around his priorities and figured it out.”


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And truly, the couple’s commitment to their family life is evident on social media, their one true stop for keeping fans updated! What do you think of the family’s close ties? Does this Father’s Day bring any special memories in mind that you’d like to share with us? Do share in the comments below!