NFL Draft 2024: Who Were the Most Famous NFL Mr. Irrelevants?

Published 03/25/2024, 8:25 AM EDT

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USA Today via Reuters

Brock Purdy embraced the Mr. Irrelevant tag and gave it a contrasting meaning. Is he relevant enough after getting to the Super Bowl? The tag is given to the people who are drafted dead last in the NFL drafts. But it doesn’t mean that the world has come to an end. Purdy, along with many others are a very “relevant” epitome of turning things around.

Throughout the years, many along with Purdy were deemed Mr. Irrelevant. But they proved to be one in a million. Ryan Succop, Jaque MacKinnon, Michael Green, and Tae Crowder are some of the names that come to mind when we think of people who were chosen dead last. They’ve all gone on to make something substantial of their lives.

These dead-last prospects in NFL Draft are venerated now!


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Let’s talk about Purdy for a second. He came at a very cheap price tag and proved to be one of the 49ers’ best investments. In his rookie year, he led the team to an NFC Championship. The improvement seemed tenfold when he took the Niners to the Super Bowl 58 this year.

What’s interesting about the Iowa State QB is the fact that he was 17-4 in his first games as a starter. He showed real potential when paired with Kyle Shanahan and the other Niners. The QB has a career approximate value (AV) of 24. But the same is not true about Ryan Succop.


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Ryan Succop (Career AV: 38) was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs as a kicker in 2009 as 256 pick. He stopped playing in 2022 with the Bucs being his last team. Throughout his career, he made 82.9% of his field goals and 96.1% extra points. The South Carolina graduate also had a tenure with the Tennessee Titans as well. But QBs and kickers aren’t the only positions that can fall prey to the tag of Mr. Irrelevant.


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Other names worth noting

It was 1961 when the Eagles drafted Jacque MacKinnon (AV: 29) as their Tight End. He was the 280 pick of the 1961 NFL Draft. He was Mr. Irrelevant before the term was even coined (in 1976). He was named to the Pro Bowl twice and had success during his time with the San Diego Chargers. He moved to the Oakland Raiders at the later stage of his career.

Another name worth the mention is Michael Green (AV: 24), who was drafted by the Bears in 2000 as the 254 pick. The DB played 8 seasons with the Chicago team where he accounted for 426 tackles, 6 sacks, and four interceptions.


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Tae Crowder also comes to mind when speaking of underestimated selections. Drafted 255 overall by the Giants in 2020, the LB played 43 games in has 232 tackles out of which 124 are solo. With two passes and two forced fumbles and 2 sacks, in his career, Crowder is also looked up to sometimes.

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