Not a ‘Tom Brady or Peyton Manning’, Russell Wilson Isn’t the Missing Link at the As Analyst Boosts Justin Fields’ QB1 Chances

Published 04/14/2024, 12:41 AM EDT

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The prospect of Russell Wilson being the QB1 of the Pittsburgh Steelers may be exciting to some, but for Louis Reddick, the ESPN analyst, it is nothing amusing. He thinks that Wilson might have to fight for the “pole position” that Mike Tomlin assigned him a couple of weeks ago. In fact, Reddick thinks that Justin Fields has a better chance at being the QB1 of the team.

The analyst came on to The Fan Morning Show and spoke his mind about the Pittsburgh Steelers as a whole. In a segment of the show, the ESPN correspondent had a few things to say about the Broncos QB and even compared him to Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. But not in a way you would think of.

Russell Wilson still has a lot to prove, per ESPN analyst


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Reddick mentioned that he liked the idea of Kenny Pickett staying with the Steelers and battling it out with Russell Wilson and not yielding his QB1 spot so easily. He addressed the fact that he had no issues with Tomlin giving Russell Wilson a “pole position” as long as Wilson knew how to handle these new assets and win games. But that’s not the whole picture.

“I don’t think it’s a sure-fire lock that he’s the starter in Pittsburgh,” Riddick said a day before Pitt’s Blue and Gold game at Acrisure Stadium. Riddick says he believes things will play out well for Justin Fields, who was traded to the Steelers during the offseason. He also thinks that Russell Wilson isn’t the piece that completes the puzzle for the Steelers.

“Russ isn’t the missing link in Pittsburgh,” said Riddick. “This is not Tom Brady coming in here and all of the sudden, he’s going to establish his own way of doing things and kind of take this team to another level. This isn’t Peyton Manning when he went to Denver. So, people need to go ahead and get that straight in their mind, that’s not what that is.” He was addressing Kenny Pickett’s decision to leave the Steelers and mentioned how things are relying on Wilson and Justin Fields now.


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Reddick takes Fields over Wilson

The Chicago Bears traded Justin Fields to the Steelers for a 2025 sixth-round draft choice that becomes a fourth-round pick if Fields plays 51% of Pittsburgh’s snaps. Per Reddick, this was a great move, and he was excited about the ex-Bears QB being on the team. He was recently seen practicing with the Steelers squad, and looks like his ball placement is on point.


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“This is a great situation for Justin Fields. A great situation. And I know where I’m putting my money when the dust settles because talk about a raw deal, okay, Justin Fields got a raw deal in Chicago, let’s leave it at that.” Justin Fields is still young and has a lot of potential to take a lead over Russell Wilson in the future. Moreover, Wilson has just signed a one-year deal with the Steelers. That tells us that the Steelers might have to utilize the Field eventually, though they picked him up on a 5-year deal.


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