Patrick Mahomes‘s business ventures are not new. While he claims co-ownership of numerous sports and food and beverage ventures, this hasn’t stopped him from expanding his reach to other business startups as well. So why not start a coffee venture? After all, he loves a good coffee. That’s how the idea for Throne Sport Coffee was conceived and then launched on May 16. Many would have thought that the QB’s mother, Randi Mahomes, would be the first one to promote it, but she did something else instead! What?

Instead of promoting her son’s new brand, the mother of three took to her social media account and posted about Whataburger’s new coffee. Yes, she promoted the $2.6 Billion worth brand. Randi Mahomes wrote, “@whataburger just launched their all-new iced coffee and of course, I had to taste test all the flavors! . As a mom on the go, I can now get my iced coffee treat for me while I grab food for us all! Order your iced coffee on the Whataburger App today and enjoy the perfect refreshing drink this Summer.

The Kansas City Chiefs QB’s mom seemed to have an adoration for different coffee flavors, providing the details of the coffee brand’s new taste. Randi looked joyous in the video, and her happiness and love for the coffee could be seen. Before taking her first sip of the delicious coffee drink, she addressed this as “a gift to Moms everywhere.”


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While the fact remains that Mahomes has a partnership with the Texas-based fast-food venture, Whataburger, his inclination toward advancing in the coffee business prompted him to start his own brand: One that, per their website, dramatically increases performance and productivity.

The new brand’s website claims, “As an active adult or athlete, you rely on coffee to get going and keep going, no matter what your day brings. As life demands more from you, you should demand more from your coffee. That’s why we created Throne SPORT COFFEE with Coffee Plus+. See what makes Throne SPORT COFFEE’s proprietary Coffee Plus+ formula the difference-maker you’ve been looking for!”

The brand seems to be targeted towards athletes and those who are extremely active. Is that why Randi Mahomes did not promote it? Perhaps, that could be the reason she decided to take a step to the side. However, her preference toward Whataburger’s drink is also beneficial to Mahomes. After all, he is involved with the brand and helped it reach Kansas.

In fact, the mother of three loves the brand so much that she talked about it previously as well. Just prior to the Mother’s Day celebrations, Randi expressed her special Q&A session with the venture’s COO, Debbie Stroud. In a heartwarming post, Randi shared, “What an incredible honor it was to be the Whatamom at the big Mahomes’ Mom Celebration! It’s always a special time getting to share my story of faith, family, and motherhood, especially with a group of mothers who are working so hard to raise their kids in this world and digital age.”

One thing is for sure- Patrick Mahomes and Randi Mahomes both love a good coffee. But how similar is their liking?

Patrick Mahomes and Randi have dissimilarity in their coffee choices!

In the video of her promoting the Whataburger coffees, Randi tried and gave each drink that she tasted a ranking. She gave celebratory expressions when she started to taste-test the iced drinks. First, she tried Mocha iced coffee, commenting, “I like it. I might be a Mocha fan.” Then she took a sip of vanilla-flavored iced coffee, the caramel one, and lastly, the sweet cream coffee.


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“My first favorite of the choices would be caramel. Then, we’re going to do the vanilla. Second favorite. Yummy. I’ll have a little bit more. And surprisingly, I didn’t realize I was a mocha fan.”

In the end, she tried black coffee, to which she added, “Not typically my go-to. Refreshing, you know, will keep you up.” This exclamation was a totally opposite sentiment to what Mahomes shared with BevNET.com about his preferred drink. The 3x Super Bowl Champion stated, “No, I really used to be strictly a hot coffee person… I didn’t want to go to the convenience store and get that sugary coffee. When I drink my hot coffee, I would drink black coffee, try to be the healthiest it possibly can be.”

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Despite the differences in choice in flavors and brands of coffee, it might just be that the QB won’t mind his mom promoting Whataburger iced coffee. As Mahomes once remarked in his interview, “I’ve always ate Whataburger since I was a little kid. And then when I got older, I’d babysit my brother and there was a Whataburger literally down the street, and we would always grab that and kind of have that while my mom was working.”


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While the mom-son duo may have slightly different preferences, it seems they are on the same page. What do you think?