In May last year, Jackson Mahomes began a legal battle, and because of this, his social media activity became almost non-existent. However, there were two occasions that kickstarted the influencer’s return to social media. First, it was his sister-in-law Brittany’s 28th birthday, where he posted a picture with her from her party. And second, it was his brother Patrick Mahomes’ birthday. Jackson kept it simple, posting a picture with the Chiefs quarterback and writing, “Happy birthday p! Love you bro bro!” Now that Jackson’s birthday has come around, though, the power couple has stayed uncharacteristically silent. 

The Mahomes are a tight-knit family who celebrate every special life moment, no matter how small or grand. Just rewind a few months to Brittany and Patrick’s daughter Sterling’s birthday, and you’ll know just how much these moments mean to the whole family. Everyone, from Randi and Jackson to Pat Mahomes, made it. But as Jackson celebrated his birthday on May 15, he didn’t receive a message from his “father figure.” At least not publicly.

In an interview on Mother’s Day, Patrick and Jackson’s mom, Randi, was asked what she’s most proud of as a mother. Her answer was simple: “I’m most proud of [my children’s] faith. I see Patrick and Jackson and Mia. I’ve always said that [Patrick is] like the man of the house. He’s like a father figure to his brother and sister.” Considering this and that they often show their love and appreciation for one another, Brittany and Patrick Mahomes not wishing him on their rather active Instagram accounts raised eyebrows.


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As the 24-year-old received heartwarming wishes from his mom, dad, and other loved ones, the Mahomes couple’s silence led to speculations over their relationship. This wouldn’t be the first time the star quarterback’s relationship with his brother has come into question. In October 2021, Jackson was seen making a TikTok while standing on the late Sean Taylor’s number, which was painted for a number retirement ceremony. Although he apologized, many didn’t take it too well.

After a few other controversies – and some surrounding Brittany, too – there were reports that Patrick Mahomes didn’t want his brother or his wife at his games because they were a “distraction” and their sideline behavior was “bad for his brand.” In February 2022, though, the quarterback came forward and promptly dispelled these rumors. Mahomes tweeted, “Y’all just be making stuff up these days 😂😂😂”

Even after these reports surfaced, the younger Mahomes brother often accompanied Patrick to his games to show his support. He has, in fact, even shed light on their relationship. As Randi Mahomes said in her interview, Patrick is like a father figure to his siblings. He’s someone they look up to at home because, there, he’s not an NFL player. He’s just one of them. Jackson revealed in an interview, “He’s a cool person like we’re super close. We have a great relationship, so I think that’s pretty cool.

Given how filled Jackson Mahomes’ Instagram page is with pictures featuring him and his brother, there’s no doubt that they have a brotherly bond like any other. However, Patrick and Brittany’s silence on Jackson’s special day has made people question their relationship all over again. Despite that, though, the 24-year-old’s birthday celebrations are in full force!

Adorable birthday gift snaps and heartfelt wishes are overflowing on Jackson’s Instagram stories. After receiving warm greetings from his closest ones on this special day, Jackson took to his official Instagram account to express his deep gratitude for the birthday blessing, cherishing it to the fullest.

Jackson Mahomes receives heartfelt wishes from his parents


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Jackson Mahomes, an internet personality, shared his mom Randi Mahomes’ post on his Instagram timeline. Randi had always proved to be her children’s most avid supporter. From celebrating Patrick Mahomes’ grand triumphs in the NFL to cherishing mini victories in her family, she never fails to grab attention for her heartwarming updates for her kids.

To wish her younger son, she posted a carousel on Instagram with pictures of Jackson with his loved ones. Randi wrote, “Wishing the happiest birthday to @jacksonmahomes, I love you so much, son, and I am so grateful for you ❤️🎉”

Apart from his mom’s special birthday post, former MLB pitcher Pat Mahomes also wished his younger son. “Happy birthday, LoJack. I love you and proud of you,” he wrote, sharing a picture of him with Jackson.


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However, Patrick and Brittany Mahomes’ wishes for Jackson remain absent from their social media accounts. But this does not mean that their relationship has soured, despite the speculations.