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Why would Patrick Mahomes‘s half-sibling, Mia Randall, want to hide her connection with the QB? While the 12-year-old has managed to keep out of the spotlight, there was a time when she tried to fool those around her by stating she just happened to know the Mahomes! In an old interview, their mother, Randi Mahomes, threw light on this unknown tale.

Back in 2021, during her interview on Kent Hance’s show, Randi discussed her role as a mother but it quickly diverted to the relationship between her three children. The mom of three revealed that Mia looked up to Patrick and had pictures of the athlete, his wife Brittany, and Jackson, in her locker at school. Yet, she wanted to keep her distance.

While the pre-teen was happy to have them present in her locker, Randi also ended up revealing that Mia would hide the fact that the NFL star was her brother. “I just tell people I take pictures with them, that I don’t really know them. Like, you know, because she wants to keep it private herself. I’m pretty sure they know, but she thinks that she’s fooling someone.”


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Clearly, the young girl also likes her privacy and Randi too takes this seriously. Randi manages Mia’s Instagram account, which has about 19.2k followers.

Sharing an insight into Mia’s personality, the then 45-year-old had highlighted, “I tell them (Patrick and Jackson), if she would have been first born, she would have been the last born because girls, she’s going to give me a run for my money. But she loves her brothers.”

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Further, in a February 2024 interview with PEOPLE Magazine, the mother disclosed how close her family has been. “[Patrick] is always keeping tabs on what Mia’s doing, both him and Brittany [Mahomes]. It’s a fun relationship for them to have, and being that I was so nervous they wouldn’t know each other, I can say now that they know each other.”

Additionally, Randi also stated how she sends the Chiefs QB clips of Mia’s basketball games and the athlete is always curious to know about what his little sister scored.

Mia Randall’s journey as a multi-sport athlete

Patrick Mahomes’ younger sister, much like the QB himself, is known to be interested in multiple sports even at the mere age of 12. Mia is known to be an active tennis, baseball, volleyball, softball, and basketball athlete. Although she is still exploring her interests, young Mia has already become a part of the All Saints Basketball and Volleyball team, along with participating in inter-varsity games.

Her social media profile is a direct insight into the sports interest of the young girl. From playing volleyball while wearing her 42-number jersey to driving a jet ski, she seems to have received all the right athletic genes. Interestingly, much like her older brother Patrick Mahomes, the 12-year-old has a keen interest in golf as well.


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In a post on Instagram from back in 2022, Mia could be seen holding a club and practicing some shots wearing a grey shirt and red shorts. Captioning her post “Golf Today,” the young girl indicated her following in the footsteps of her brother. The golf balls spread across the golf course seemed to be pointing toward the rigorous practice Mia had been doing.


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In a post prior to the golf outing, Mia could be seen playing another sport that her brother loves. Positioned as the hitter in the video, she was ready, but the baseball hit her leg instead. Despite the incident, Patrick Mahomes’ sister, carrying forth his determined nature, looked to be continuing in her place for her team. The caption for her post read, “Ouch!!! Go Mia 🥎🥎🥎🥎” 

While little Mia, as compared to her siblings Jackson and Patrick Mahomes, is a rare name to be known, she is on the path of carving her own identity in different domains of sports.