Carson Wentz Was Predicted to ‘Win MVP Over Patrick Mahomes’ in 2019, Now He’s a Backup QB at KC Chiefs: What Went Wrong for the 31YO?

Published 04/02/2024, 1:26 AM EDT

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A lot of people try to mimic and be the next Patrick Mahomes. But Carson Wentz’s story is a bit different. Last year, the QB was playing with the Los Angeles Rams, but as of recently, the Kansas City Chiefs have agreed to sign him to a 1-year deal as a backup QB. The veteran was once considered to overtake Mahomes’ greatness, but circumstances didn’t allow him to solidify himself in the league.

In 2019, the hosts of the Undisputed Show had a debate about Wentz and American columnist Rob Parker dubbed him the 2019 MVP. But despite all the speculation from the NFL pundits, the situation didn’t turn up as it was expected to. Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, and Aaron Rodgers were the MVPs from 2018-2020, with Wentz nowhere to be found. The reason behind the same remains shockingly simple!

Rob Parker sided with Carson Wentz in the age-old MVP run debate


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The Undisputed Show initiated a conversation back in August 2019 on Patrick Mahomes’ unmatchable credibility in the league. While the praises did not take time to pour in, Rob Parker was quick to add to the conversation from an unexpected perspective. The host started by pointing out that even Mahomes could not outdo himself after he had 5,097 yards in the 2018 season. The numbers were just too high to be surpassed.

However, soon his trajectory shifted toward the point that despite this accomplishment, it wouldn’t be impossible to hold back the QB- sighting example of the Patriots vs Chiefs game, where they kept young Mahomes under control. Instead, he thought that the next year was going to be Carson Wentz’s year. “Carson Wentz will win the MVP, it will not be Patrick Mahomes,” were the words that came out of Rob Parker’s mouth.


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On paper, Wentz did outperform Mahomes in the next year with his 4,039-yard, 27 TD season as opposed to Mahomes’ 4,031 yards and 26 TD season. But the difference wasn’t colossal, and that award of MVP went to Lamar Jackson, who had a 36 TD season to overcome both their accomplishments.


Following these happenings, Carson Wentz became a bit unstable after his stint with the Eagles was over. In 2021 he transferred to the Colts (3,563 yards, 27 TDs). The next year he was traded to the Washington Commanders where he had a very bad season due to an injury. He finished the season with 2-5 as a starter and had 1,755 yards and 11 TDs to show for 8 games.

But his injuries ultimately got to him and surprisingly became the reason for his setback in the league. In 2023, he was transferred to the LA Rams, where he just played 2 games, posing a poor run to display. Now the Chiefs have signed him as a backup QB for Patrick Mahomes, and the dreams of surpassing his starter seem farther away than ever before.

Carson Wentz out of options due to multiple concerns in his way!

Albert Breer of SI did a piece on Wentz last year. His injuries became a catalyst for his downfall among many other reasons. One of those situations was that Wentz relied on a system where everything around him would have to be perfect or else he would freeze. While his health not being at 100% did not help overall, the situation was more challenging when the team had to rely more on him than he could on his fellow mates.


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“He’s become, in a lot of ways, a statue back there, which makes him, to defenders, a fish in a barrel.” wrote Breer in his piece. The age factor also came into play and resulted in a decline in his performance. Wentz has turned 30 now and in a league that demands dynamic and young QBs, he is shortly running out of teams that would hire him barring the age factor. This will be the 5 team he’ll be joining in a span of 8 seasons, where he would hope to find some stability.

However, amidst all this, while beating Mahomes remains an unanswered question, Wentz could finally find some opportunity to learn and excel in a team as open to space of failure as no other. How do you think will matters turn out to be for the new addition to the Kansas City Chiefs‘ side? Let us know your thoughts below!


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