Aaron Rodgers’s departure from the Packers in 2021 came under acrimonious circumstances. While Rodgers said that he was sent a message either to retire or move, Packers claimed the player was unreachable for communication despite their attempts. There are different narratives as to why Rodgers’s 18-year association with the franchise came to an end. Now, his former Packers teammate Randall Cobb gave his two cents on the matter.

There had been underlying tensions between Rodgers and the Packers for years. The QB had publicly called for the franchise’s culture to improve in 2021 and then after being offered a three-year, $150 million contract extension, the top brass wasn’t satisfied with Rodgers’ commitment and effort. These issues kept brewing until the two parties went their separate ways as Rodgers went to Jets last year.

During a recent appearance on the Bussin With The Boys podcast, Russell Cobb, who himself has an interesting history with the Packers, shared his thoughts on the infamous breakup.


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I think it was time. I think, when someone is somewhere for two decades, I think that a taste of something different and exposure to something different is good. Green Bay, I think it was time,” he said. He added that the franchise felt that the backup, Jordan Love, was ready to take the reins of the crew.

Love was picked up Packers in the 2020 Draft, despite having Aaron Rodgers as their QB. This also is reported to have affected the relations between Rodgers and the franchise. Packers were ready to move on and planning for the future and three years later they were ready.

Cobb added, “They were ready to put him (Love)in that situation. They had developed him. And it was his turn. They’re not looking at the short-term, two to three-year plan – they’re looking at the long-term picture. That’s what most businesses do.”

For Packers the decision to have Love in the QB position and letting go of Rodgers hasn’t fared badly. Last season, Love proved his worth, especially in the second half of the season as he completed 70.3% of his passes for 2,150 yards with 18 touchdowns and just one interception to post a 112.7 passer rating. His performances led Packers to a playoff berth.

As for Rodgers, the four time MVP’s legacy at Packers will be intact, but how things ended left a bitter taste. Last year, when he joined New York Jets, he told the media that the Packers sent him a message following the quarterback’s darkness retreat, a sensory deprivation session he underwent in February 2023. “When I came out, it was evident that it was retire or move on to a new team,” Rodgers said.

But Packers’ version of the story differs. In March, 2023, GM Brian Gutekunst said that the team tried to contact Rodgers multiple times, but got no response. Rodger, however, denied that he ghosted Gutekunst, while admitting that the GM did send him more texts than he did.

Still, as the finer details of this split are under wraps. Cobb has tried to give it a little more reasoning.

After all, the WR, is quite close to the veteran QB. So much so that he wanted him back once he left for Dallas. That’s why, A-Rod orchestrated Cobb’s return to Green Bay in 2021. Packers GM revealed that Rodgers was “a big part” of the decision, and the WR still remembers his return to the Lambeau field in front of a roaring audience.

Randall Cobb’s grand return to Lambeau field


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After Cobb wasn’t re-signed after the 2018 season, he had to move to Dallas and then Houston, but his heart remained at Green Bay. The receiver had his career-best season in his draft team, alongside Rodgers, with 1,287 receiving yards, 91 receptions, and 12 touchdowns. It was ultimately due to his former teammate and friend that he got a second stint with the Packers.

On the podcast, the WR reminisced about the time he received the news of his return. “We are getting ready to go out for the conditioning tests, and they come and grab me and bring me up to the office, “Hey, you’re getting traded back to Green Bay.” And I -just had the biggest smile on my face.

Cobb also got the sweetest welcome when he returned to his long-time stadium in Green Bay. During the family night in training camp, a crowd of 70,000 people sat in the audience to greet their long-time receiver.  “70,ooo people at family night. I walk out, and the first thing I do is I go kiss the grounds, grounds of Lambeau. ‘”Thank you for letting me back here.'”


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Packers brought Cobb back to the fold on Rodgers’s request in 2021. However, he left the franchise in 2023, to follow his friend at the Jets, where he lasted one season, before becoming a free agent.

Well, Cobb tried his best to give fans some closure on the Packers-Rodgers saga. Do you think he is right?