Skip Bayless Believes Joshua Dobbs Out-Played Russell Wilson, Credits Defense for Broncos Win Over Vikings

Published 11/20/2023, 10:57 AM EST

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Last night was an absolute thriller for Denver Broncos fans! With the Minnesota Vikings dominating most of the game with points, the Broncos managed to snatch a win in the end. This was the fifth victory for the Broncos. After losing badly initially in the season, they have managed to make a comeback with their four-win streak. But, how much of the credit should go to their QB Russell Wilson? Skip Bayless thinks, “Not too much”.

At the same time, he showered praises on the Broncos’ defense and even remarked how Wilson paled in comparison to “Passtronaut” on Sunday Night Football. However, was his criticism justified?

Skip Bayless made a strong comparison between Russell Wilson and Joshua Dobbs


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Speaking on his show, Skip Bayless said he was surprised at the Broncos win. According to him, they played an average game and still won. What was the reason for their victory? A resurgent Broncos defense. “1st in points allowed in the NFL in the last four games. Most takeaways in the NFL with 13, over the last four games. And they have the best turnover differential in the last four games.”

But, this was not all he said. Regarding Wilson, Bayless did not seem impressed at all. Instead, he quoted the QBR stats and said that Josh Dobbs was a better player, and Wilson was “pretty lousy game.” Dobbs’ QBR was 55.1, and Wilson’s QBR was 32.0. Additionally, he commented on the team’s offense. But did Wilson deserve the comments from Bayless?

Wilson continues to get better each week


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During the Vikings game, Denver struggled to find the end zone for most of the game. If it weren’t for kicker Will Lutz, who scored 5 field goals, the Broncos might not have won. But then towards the end of the clock, Wilson pulled a stunner. He led a 10-play, 75-yard drive that ended with a TD pass to Courtland Sutton.

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It’s the second back-to-back week that Wilson worked up a late game-winning drive. He ended with 259 yards and a TD. After yesterday’s win, the Broncos have converted their losing record to 0.500 one. Wilson took some time to “cook”, but it seems that his former self is finally here. Skip Bayless may disagree, but he is looking better with Sean Payton than he did with Nathaniel Hackett last year.


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Will Wilson manage to keep the momentum going and secure more wins for the Broncos?

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