Is Anthony Richardson's slam dunk clip a sign of confidence or just asking for trouble from defenses?

Not everyone is a fan of Anthony Richardson‘s athleticism! The Indianapolis Colts’ QB is a genetic freak and his slam-dunking abilities may even put some NBA stars to shame. However, it doesn’t matter how agile or athletic the NFL star may be, his dunking skills won’t save him on the gridiron – claims a former NFL star!

The person in question is Mark Schlereth! Schlereth, a former Super Bowl winner for the Broncos and the Commanders, isn’t the one to mince his words. The 58-year-old has been dominating the headlines for his outrage against Lamar Jackson. Though the controversy with him calling Jackson a “mediocre” player hasn’t died down yet, Schlereth is at it again with Anthony Richardson.

Anthony Richardson catches Mark Schlereth’s wrath


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In the latest ‘The Stinkin Truth Podcast’, Mark Schlereth had a bold claim about Anthony Richardson. The former NFL guard had a quite annoyed look as he discussed the quarterback’s slam dunk video. As per Schlereth, whenever an athlete posts videos flaunting how “athletic” they are, it is a matter of ‘concern’ for him. “I don’t give a sh*t,” said Schlereth. He continued, “Him just doing reverse slams, dunking, and then throwing 70-yard shorts and T-shirt bombs, matters not to me.”

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Pretty strong words from the three-time Super Bowl winner! However, it isn’t all doom and gloom from Mark Schlereth. The former Broncos star is certainly a big fan of how “physically gifted” the 22-year-old QB is. If the dunking video isn’t enough proof of his athletic prowess, Richardson’s NFL combine scores will certainly put any doubts to bed. The QB registered 40.5 inches in vertical jump and cleared 10ft 9in in broad jump. On top of that, Richardson also ran the 40-yard dash in just 4.43 seconds!

But, Schlereth thinks Richardson’s pure athleticism may also motivate the opposing defenders to stop him at any cost! He said, “Defensive players are angry and they wanna knock you out of games.” Richardson did not get to show his full ability last season after an AC joint sprain ended his rookie season. Despite only 4 games in the 2023 season, an NFL insider is expecting Richardson to take off in the 2024 season!


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NFL insider thinks Richardson is destined for greatness

Though the Colts faithful only saw Anthony Richardson for only 4 games, the QB has 577 passing yards and 3 touchdowns. Richardson’s rushing stats aren’t too shabby either as he registered 136 yards and 4 rushing touchdowns. Unfortunately, he never had the chance to unleash himself fully on the big stage after a concussion and shoulder injury held Richardson back. But, if he stays fit in the upcoming season, an NFL insider thinks Anthony Richardson can set the field on fire.

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NFL analyst Jordan Schultz appeared on Colin Cowherd’s show in June 2024 and heaped praise on Anthony Richardson. Schultz pointed out Richardson’s 6’4” height and the 32 3/4” arm length that gives him a significant advantage while throwing the ball. On top of that, elite players like AD Mitchell and Michael Pittman Jr. surround Richardson. Hence, Richardson has all the tools to make it big in the league.


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“He has so many different skills. But you can clearly tell there’s a tremendous amount of confidence in Anthony Richardson. Maybe more so than he had in college,” said Jordan Schultz. In the OTAs and preseason minicamp, Richardson was back in full force and looked stronger than ever! Can he prove Mark Schlereth wrong with his performances next season? Only time will tell.