Super Bowl LVIII Venue: Allegiant Stadium Most Dangerous With 598 Injuries in 25 Games

Published 02/07/2024, 1:25 AM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

Some thought may have gone into naming Allegiant Stadium the ‘Death Star’. While it has nothing to do with Star Wars, the venue is more notorious for injuring athletes than any other football stadium. Since its establishment in 2020, the stadium has maintained its reputation as one of the most dangerous places to play football. Some shocking pictures reappeared before the Super Bowl LVIII showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.

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The photos show Vegas’ pride in subpar conditions. People didn’t take long to analyze the stadium’s conditions and explain why the Allegiant, where fans are paying thousands of dollars to watch the game, is “cursed.”

The Allegiant Stadium became notorious for claiming careers quickly


Article continues below this ad was one of the first to analyze over 72,000 injuries in the NFL since 2009. This study was to determine the average number of injuries to each stadium. It also aimed to find the most common types of injuries that the players sustained, including players’ knees and ankles.

Shockingly, Allegiant Stadium ranks as the most injury-prone stadium in the US. The study concludes that the Raiders home stadium causes 23.92 injuries in each game. NRG Stadium, the home of Houston Texans, is the second one in line with 22.87 injury reports per game. And Lucas Oil Stadium was third on the list with 21.76 injury reports per game.


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A significant 598 injuries were reported in 25 games played at the Allegiant. Nearly 7% (42) of those injuries (majorly ankle-related) involved players from the Las Vegas Raiders. The article mentioned how the Denver Broncos took multiple hits in Week 4 of the 2022-23 season and one of their players was forced out of the stadium on crutches.

DB PJ Locke, RB Javonte Williams, and pass rusher Randy Gregory were among a few names that got the worst of Allegiant’s curse. But why does it happen? What’s so bad about this stadium, known as the ‘Death Star’?

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What makes Allegiant Stadium different from other venues?

According to a report released by the ‘Pro Football Network’, Allegiant Stadium has special maintenance needs. The grass is not grown inside the stadium. Instead, it’s kept on a tray and is grown outside. The tray is transported inside the stadium whenever it is required. This is because the Allegiant is a domed stadium and cannot sustain any growth inside.

Allegiant Stadium is the second most expensive stadium in the NFL. It cost about $1.9 billion to create it before it opened in 2020.

Broncos reporter and sports anchor Scotty Gange spotlighted a video showing the stadium’s horrible conditions before the Super Bowl. The video released around January 7 on X shows a horribly maintained end zone with major grassless patches. Fans were fuming about seeing the Super Bowl venue like this. One person called it “insanely unacceptable.”

However, these concerns are not new. Back in 2022, the turf at Allegiant Stadium looked bad during the preseason opener between the Vikings and Raiders. The playing surface had plenty of bare spots and it was much worse on the sidelines.

With Las Vegas hosting the Super Bowl for the first time, the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers will clash for the Lombardi Trophy. With a capacity of 65,000, the venue is fully enclosed and climate-controlled. But its conditions have concerned people.

It is the only stadium in the top four with a grass surface. Also, let’s not forget that it became the franchise’s base only in September 2021. Yet the injury reports have been the highest.


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The Super Bowl is the biggest event of the year, and the fans don’t want to see players get injured and all their fun ruined. Football fans want to see a tough face-off. But more than that, the unwarranted injuries might change the game’s outcome — and not for the better. Hopefully, stadium maintenance will get better. 

The event will take place on Feb. 11, 2024. Usher will be the halftime performer and Reba McEntire will sing the National Anthem before kickoff.


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What do you think about the conditions at the “Death Star” with the countdown having begun? Let us know in the comments.

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