“That’s Why You Got a Zoo”: Cam Newton Ends Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady’s GOAT Debate With a Curious Take

Published 02/19/2024, 11:05 PM EST

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What is greatness? Is it something momentary or something that is a culmination of a lot of effort over the years? Whatever it is, Patrick Mahomes made sure that he is included in the conversation along with Tom Brady. After the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win, the Mahomes-Brady debate has become very polarizing because some fans consider the generational difference, and others do not.

It was the same question that was posed to Cam Newton, and it looked like he was tired of being a part of the “Mahomes-Brady GOAT” debate. He made sure to put an end to the debate, at least from his end. He had a perfect analogy in place when he was asked the question.

Cam Newton rebuts the Patrick Mahomes-Tom Brady argument with GOAT examples


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The video started with a snippet of Tom Brady going around the zoo with his friends. One of his friends said, “Coming up on the Mahomes exhibit” when he saw goats. As he said this, Brady started laughing. In reaction to this, one of the hosts of the 4 and 1 With Cam Newton show asked the former QB, “What does Mahomes have to do to surpass Brady as the GOAT?”

Newton had an interesting anecdote about his son that proved that the debate is very subjective. Newton thinks that people like Michael Jordan and Larry Bird should be the NBA GOATs. However, his son thinks LeBron James would unequivocally take that spot. To substantiate his claims further, he added how sports were different back in the day as compared to the present scenario.

The concept of 3-pointers didn’t exist in the NBA till 1979, hence people like Larry Bird missed a lot of points and “And ones”. If he got those extra points, Bird would lead the NBA GOAT debate by a mile. Per Newton, to define greatness, one must flip through the “pages of time” to conclude. He also mentioned that the GOAT spot is open for many and not for one.

“It can be multiple GOATs, that’s why you got a zoo. You don’t see just one lion, you don’t see one damn giraffe, a whale. It’s a lot of them m***** f****** in there.” Said Newton. However, Mahomes does lead Brady in certain spaces.

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The Mahomes-Brady debate solidified

Stats on X (formerly Twitter) reveal some facts about Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes’ first 18 postseason games. Patrick Mahomes leads the bunch with a 15-3 record, while Tom Brady holds a 14-4 record. Mahomes even surpassed Joe Montana (14-4), Terry Bradshaw (14-4), and Brett Favre (11-7) in those numbers.

A 5-season comparison of Mahomes and Brady also paints a clear picture.  Between Brady’s 2014-2018 seasons, Brady had a 71-19 W/L record, 4 Super Bowls, and 3 rings. While Mahomes 2019-2023 season comprised an impressive 75-20 record with the same amount of Super Bowl appearances and 3 rings.


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Fun fact, Mahomes lost to Tom Brady in his second Super Bowl appearance after the 2020 season. So, Brady did prove at one point that he could beat Mahomes at the biggest platform in American Football.


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