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The Las Vegas Raiders are in the most compromising situation they have ever been in. Concerns just keep piling up for the team. At this point, it is common knowledge that everyone on the team is very frustrated. The HC Josh McDaniels was fired recently because of the team’s poor performance throughout the season. They recently got Tom Brady to pitch in for some help.

A recent tweet from MLFootball is doing numbers in the NFL community as the Raiders are going all out trying to improve themselves and finding a substitute for the fired head coach and the GM Dave Ziegler. Brady’s unsettled ownership of the Raiders might also be a factor as to why Mark Davis is relying on him in these tough times.

Tom Brady: The light at the end of the Raiders’ tunnel


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The news recently became viral that the Raiders will be relying on Tom Brady’s input in finding a player-centric head coach. As of now, Antonio Pierce is the interim head coach for the Raiders. Reportedly, Tom Brady was set to become a minority shareholder of the Las Vegas Raiders, but a hefty discount from Mark Davis was a huge turnoff for the other stakeholders.

His ownership of the team is not final yet, but Mark Davis is getting some counseling from TB12 about hiring a new HC. For now, Davis is more concerned with hiring a GM for the team. The whole hiring and firing thing has raised some questions about the Raiders’ management and TB12.

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The question is whether Tom Brady was involved when the management decided to fire the GM and the HC at the same time. Whether that is the case or not, the team desperately needed some revamping. Recently, Davante Adams was seen visibly upset, along with Josh Jacobs after a game, over the same issue.

Concerns looming around the Raiders


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Recently, Davante Adams was seen throwing his helmet in the game against the Detroit Lions. The majority of fans and NFL analysts think that Adams is wasting his career with the Raiders. He came to the Raiders because of his camaraderie with Derek Carr, who was kicked out of the team, leaving Adams high and dry. Jimmy Garoppolo is not able to keep up with the WR and it shows.

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Another incident happened involving the RB Josh Jacobs. He was asked to give input about how to improve the Raiders. He seemed indifferent and his reply had a subtle undertone of anger when he said, ‘That ain’t my job’. This may have been an implication of how Josh McDaniels was running things during his tenure with the Raiders. It may have been a rude remark, but the man said what he wanted to say.


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Will Brady’s counseling be any good for the Raiders? What do you think?

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