While Travis Kelce Relives ‘Squirle’ Embarrassment, “Princess Kyana” Joins Papa Kelce in Supporting New Heights

Published 04/11/2024, 10:08 PM EDT

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The Kelce family is cashing in on college sports right now. This must be the most exciting day in the history of the New Heights podcast and Jason Kelce, Travis Kelce, and the family went back to the University of Cincinnati to host the episode of the New Heights podcast. While everything was going fine and dandy, Travis Kelce just faced embarrassment from something silly.

The event was exciting, to say the least, and the presence of Kylie Kelce made it even more enjoyable. The mother of three couldn’t take all the attention and was all shy about it. However, what the Chiefs TE did overshadow all the embarrassment Kylie Kelce faced.

Travis Kelce can’t spell


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Amid many games that the crowd engaged in, the brothers decided to take part in a spelling bee and Travis Kelce was asked to spell the word ‘squirrel’. To everyone’s surprise, the Chiefs’ TE was a bit flabbergasted when he heard the word and blurted out something that got a laugh from the crowd. The Travis Kelce Fan Page on X posted a video on X titled, “SQUIRLE,” which reveals the story.

When asked to spell the word, Kelce said, “S Q U R R …f*** you guys!” as he couldn’t gather how to spell the name of the animal. This was after the crowd tried to help him get the spelling correct. Well, that’s not his job in the first place. The Super Bowl winner plays football and he’s pretty dang good at it. While Kelce was embarrassed, Kylie Kelce sat in the crowd watching and couldn’t take all the attention as she turned red.


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But it’s not just Kylie Kelce who showed up to the podcast, Papa Kelce also made his humble appearance.

Kylie Kelce can’t handle the attention

The New Heights podcast posted another video from the arena. The post on X was captioned, “PRINCESS KYANA IN THE BUILDING.” The video shows the camera pointing towards Jason Kelce’s wife as she gets shy from all the attention and tries to hide her face with a Jason Kelce cutout sign board. As the camera got fixated on her, the crowd burst out in cheers.


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We could see Papa Kelce sitting behind Kylie as he clapped at the spectacle. Kylie Kelce was hiding her face even before the camera started facing her. If that doesn’t scream “shy and humble” we don’t know what does.


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We are eagerly waiting for the new episode to drop. Are you?


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