The NFL has a newly engaged couple in town! Blake Corum, the rookie running back from the Los Angeles Rams just got engaged to Makiah Shipp, a fascinating individual out of Michigan. The couple recently announced their relationship status change on Instagram after almost 2 years of dating each other. Shipp, about 2 months ago, also got to celebrate her then-boyfriend as he got drafted into the league.

In light of their relationship and constant updates on social media, curious gazes surround the questions of who Makiah Shipp is and how the couple met. Sharing a slight peek into it, Makiah Shipp is an author, a youth advocate, and a proponent of black culture and has also been working closely with young black girls to let them into the world of football.

Who is Makiah Shipp?


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Born on August 21, 2002, in Detroit, Makiah went to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor where she met Blake Corum, the running back who helped transform the Wolverines football team when he led them to the CFP Championship victory. Per reports, the couple started dating each other in early 2022, per sources.

In her accomplishments, she’s a social justice worker, a public speaker, and astonishingly, an award-winning author of a best-settling book “Makiah’s Show and Tell,” which revolves around teaching young black girls the importance of natural hair in the black culture. Per Shipp, the character “reminds those around her of how important it is to be conscious of how they talk about and/or interact with her hair to avoid being micro-aggressive and inappropriate.”

When she’s addressing the public or her 12.5k followers on IG, she likes to talk about social injustices, inequalities, literacy issues, and the empowerment of women. Astonishingly, when Shipp was just 18, she was appointed to the Ann Arbor Independent Community Police Oversight Commission.

But apart from her personal accolades, it is also her bond with the Rams’ RB that keeps her in the eyes of the audience. Their special moments consistently steal the show on their social media pages.

Blake Corum’s career blew up the year he met Makiah Shipp!

Per sources, the couple officially started seeing each other in early 2022 and both kept their focus on their own professions. It’s interesting to note that the year this couple got together, Blake Corum had his first 1,000+ yard season, where he scored a career-high 1,463 yards and 18 touchdowns. Talk about lady luck entering his world!

In the next year of their relationship, Blake would go on a CFP Championship run with Michigan where he would amass 1,245 yards paired with 28 touchdowns. But football was also some kind of a connection between the couple as Corum hosted a football camp for young girls just last month, where Makiah had a surprise planned for those who attended it.


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She gave out copies of her book “Makiah’s Show and Tell,” to the young girls who attended the camp. The couple posted the glimpses of the camp through a joint Instagram account and the attendees couldn’t have looked happier!

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The IG post said, “It can be tough to stand out in a space where no one looks like you. Shoutout to all the girls who choose to get out on the field! Makiah’s Show and Tell was gifted to all the girls who participated in @blake_corum24 youth football camp this year.”


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But while this football camp was heartwarming, Makiah had another surprise coming for her. Blake Corum just proposed to his girlfriend and did so with flair. There was a joint post uploaded by the couple on Instagram. In a post that was titled “Forever with my better half ️” the Rams RB can be seen lifting his girlfriend as they looked each other in the eyes.

With the “Marry Me” lights at the back, the rose petals on the ground in the shape of a heart, in a cosmopolitan background, things couldn’t have appeared more enchanting. Half of the Michigan football team took to the comments congratulating Blake Corum on his new journey in life.