With a ‘History of Losing’, Lions QB Jared Goff’s ‘Negativity’ Jibe at Detroit Media Endorsed by Colin Cowherd

Published 04/12/2024, 6:45 AM EDT

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Is Jared Goff asking for some respect from the Detroit media? The Lions quarterback led his team to the playoffs this past season, giving their faithful some hopes of a divisional championship. However, as per the quarterback, that wasn’t enough for some of the critics, as he took a jibe at them recently calling it “negative.”

Per history as of now, the Detroit Lions won the NFC North division title last season, which was their first division win since 1993. Additionally, they won their first two playoff games since the 1991 season. These victories were notable because they defeated the Los Angeles Rams, led by Matthew Stafford, who was traded to the Rams in 2021, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This success marks a significant achievement for the Lions after years of struggle in the league. And probably that’s why Colin Cowherd backed up Goff’s statements while addressing the possible reason for “negativity.”

It gets harsher from region to region?


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In the latest episode of The Herd with Colin Cowherd, the host addressed Jared Goff’s statement where he mentioned that in Detroit “local media almost relish in negativity.” Cowherd expressed his observations about the difference in fans and media between the East and West regions. He noted that in the East, there’s a harsher atmosphere with a “northern jet stream of negativity.” He explained how the weather contributes to this, making it harder to enjoy outdoor activities from Thanksgiving to April. Cowherd pointed out that in places like Miami or Los Angeles, people tend to bail on bad teams and enjoy outdoor activities instead.

However, he acknowledged, “I do think the advantage to that Northern negativity and intensity in tribalism is it’s kind of combative and it’s kind of fun….I will say Jared Goff’s point is Detroit has a history of losing and we know about the lousy weather and so I think it’s a real thing I think it is hard when a bad culture suddenly gets really good I think Detroit and I said this last year I think they’re the younger version of the 49ers Stars everywhere they’re just not paid yet and not quite as old but I think toe to toe the two best roasters easily in the NFC easily are San Francisco and Detroit.”

He concluded by saying that Goff is trying to change the narrative and instill optimism in the team, emphasizing that they have the potential to succeed. This Goff’s statement came after his exchange with a Detroit media member.

Jared Goff is done with negativity?


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Jared Goff expressed his frustration with the local media’s focus on past failures rather than celebrating the team’s recent successes. He feels that the media often emphasizes negativity, even though the team has performed well and achieved success. Goff believes, “Like, hey guys, we have a good team. We’ve had success. We can be happy about that. We can celebrate that and not have to write about how we’re constantly the underdog. No, teams are gonna be for us now. We won the division and all that.

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His comments stemmed from a viral exchange with a Detroit media member, where he defended his team’s talent against the 49ers. Goff emphasized that the Lions have talented players deserving of recognition. Despite his criticism, he clarified that he has a good relationship with the reporter who asked the question and was just teasing him.


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Goff, who is approaching the end of his contract, expressed his desire to continue with the Lions beyond this season. He views the trade to Detroit as a positive turning point in his career and personal growth.

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