Patrick Mahomes Finds Admiration From 4xSB Champion Who Joins Michael Irvin in ‘Legendary Praise’ for Chiefs QB

Published 02/23/2024, 12:00 AM EST

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Things couldn’t be better for Patrick Mahomes from a career standpoint. He just drew praise from NFL legends like Michael Irvin and now the latest admiration came from none other than a veteran quarterback who spent 14 glorious seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Terry Bradshaw recently appeared on the Rich Eisen Show and praised Patrick Mahomes after he clinched the game against the San Francisco 49ers. It wouldn’t be a far-fetched thought to say that the Chiefs are a “dynasty” now. Interestingly, Mahomes, who has the potential to become a Hall of Famer, always finds inspiration in the best.

Terry Bradshaw compares Mahomes in hindsight


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The conversation started with Eisen admitting that QBs like Terry Bradshaw aren’t included in the “Mt. Rushmore” of the NFL. They elucidated the fact that it was the toughness that mattered back in the day. It wasn’t about the technicalities or the stats. The 4x SB champion mentioned how things wouldn’t be any different if Mahomes played for any other teams and not the Chiefs.


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The former quarterback highlighted that back in the day there weren’t a lot of passes made. So naturally, his passing number wouldn’t be as high. Fast forward to the present, we see 20 passes made by the time the game reaches halftime. But Bradshaw took a step back and said he’s fine where he is.

The thing is back in the day, football used to heavily rely on offensive plays and not as much on the defense. There’s a certain expectation of amusement from the Super Bowl, but the LVIII was “boring” to some because of its slow pace. However, people didn’t consider how amazing the Chiefs’ and the Niners’ defense was.

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He saw the game through the eyes of a QB and the defensive plays stood out to him. Per Bradshaw, Mahomes was being pass-rushed most of the time, but he found a way to get out and make plays happen. But it’s not just Bradshaw who holds Mahomes in high regard.

Patrick Mahomes is picking up from the best!

After the Chiefs beat the Miami Dolphins in the Germany game, the former wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys Michael Irvin was head over heels for Mahomes. The veteran NFL analyst didn’t hesitate to say, “Patrick Mahomes is basically God playing quarterback,” and that Mahomes is a “phenomenal, phenomenal talent.” The problem was the same back then, the KC Chiefs’ receiver depth lacked substance, but Mahomes still found ways to take over. Irvin also expressed, “He doesn’t have quite the talent he needs at wide receiver, but he always makes just enough plays to keep them in the game,”


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When Mahomes is cornered, he runs! Maybe this is something that he picked up from his idol Dan Marino. Mahomes grew up as a huge Dan Marino fan and at times, he mimics Marino’s past. Winning 3 Super Bowl Championships at such a young age has surely made him the center of attention.

Patrick Mahomes previously expressed mad respect for Marino. He said, “It’s Marino. If you look at the stats, dude, his first season [as a starter], 48 touchdowns in that era? The best quarterback season that has to be in history. I don’t care what anyone says.”


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He continued,That thing is one of the most special seasons, and then every single time that I’ve been putting together and end up breaking these records, it’s like ‘Dan Marino had 170 touchdowns in three years.’ And I’m like, ‘What?’ I thought they ran the ball back then!” Maybe this is what inspires the QB to put his best foot forward and not fold in the face of adversity and uncertainty.

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