Former Broncos Ball Boy Mike McDaniel Responds With a Three-Word Message After Orchestrating 70-20 Blowout

Published 09/25/2023, 6:38 AM EDT

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USA Today via Reuters

Mike McDaniel played college football for three seasons (2001-2004) at Yale, but it quickly became apparent that he had no shot at being a professional Pro Ball player. As fans revel in the Dolphins’ victory and praise the coach who made it possible, it is worth remembering that McDaniel started out at the Denver Broncos as a ball boy. The emotions he felt after the triumphant victory against the Broncos may very well be ineffable. But the coach summed it up quite well.

McDaniel attempts to sum up the surreal win

What was McDaniel’s response to this historic triumph after the game? Post-game McDaniel was answering media questions and in the middle, he described the game in just three words, which was a concise message that captured the essence of what had happened.

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Coach Mike McDaniel, while speaking to the media after the win, was careful about what he said. When he finally spoke, he said, “It’s just incredible.” This was a really simple way of saying that he was really proud of his team and that the win was surreal.

Immediately after the Miami Dolphins’ win, Mike McDaniel’s face lit up on the screen. While praising the remarkable achievements of his team on the field, he uttered the three words, capturing the attention of viewers and the media alike. He further said he was thankful for all of the intentional work by the players.

Miami Dolphins has changed forever thanks to McDaniel

The win in Denver was more than just a win, it was a momentous occasion for Mike McDaniel. His journey from humble ball player to world-renowned head coach had come full circle. The NFL landscape has changed forever, and with this win, McDaniel’s Miami Dolphins have set themselves up for success in 2023.

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From being the ball boy for the Denver Broncos to being the head coach of the Miami Dolphins, 39-year-old McDaniel has come a long way to hold this position. The coaching phenom had figured out a scheme that would leave the Denver defense gasping for air.

Mike McDaniel’s story is one of hard work, determination, and determination. He’s come a long way from being a player on the sidelines to being the star coach of the Miami Dolphins. We can’t help but think that his amazing journey is just beginning, and we’re excited to see what amazing things he and the team can do in the future.

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