“Spoke No Lies”: Divided Football Fans Endorse Tyreek Hill’s Referee’ Bombshell

Published 10/07/2023, 9:16 AM EDT

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The Miami Dolphins’ wide receiver Tyreek Hill, who used to play for the Kansas City Chiefs, took a dig at his former team. On Sunday night, the Chiefs defeated the New York Jets by 23-20. However, according to rumors in the NFL world, the credit for this win has been given to the referee, whose decision allegedly played a major role in deciding the winner.

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Hill is one of those people who is brutally criticizing the referee’s decision. Apart from this, pop star and new NFL sensation Taylor Swift was also his target. The interesting fact is that most of the fans are supporting Tyreek Hill and his take on the way the NFL is working.

What does Tyreek Hill has to say about his former team?


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Hill, who played for the Chiefs from 2016 to 2021, discussed Sunday night’s controversy on his podcast ‘It Needed To Be Said.’ He remarked that the Chiefs were “saved” by the referees. He also referred to an incident that happened in last year’s Super Bowl, where a similar decision helped the Chiefs win the game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Hill didn’t stop there and went on to suggest that the decision in the Jets game may have been influenced by Taylor Swift’s presence in the stadium. He said, “The Chiefs got saved like that last year for real though, against the Eagles in the Super Bowl if we being for real. Then they come back and get saved in the Jets game. Maybe because Taylor Swift was in the building. I don’t know what’s going on.. hey! whatever Kelce is doing, I know you’re helping out the NFL.” It seems that Hill was trying to imply that the NFL was favoring a particular team.


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According to Hill, the call on Gardner was a 50/50 decision that could have gone either way. He also argued that in such critical moments of the game, the officials should let the players play and avoid making game-changing calls.

The Sunday night controversy and the fans’ perspective

The game was at a crucial stage. There was not much time left in the game, and the Chiefs were leading 23-20. Towards the end of the game, referee Frank Steratore called a holding penalty on the Jets’ Sauce Gardner. This negated an interception by the Jets, and the ball was given back to the Chiefs. This decision helped the Chiefs run out the clock.

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On social media platforms, this decision was discussed from various perspectives. However, many fans were against the decision, and as soon as Hill spoke out about this controversy, they supported him wholeheartedly.

One user on Twitter supported Hill by commenting, “Cheetah Spoke no lies“.

One fan emphasized on a positive quality of Hill.

Even NFL fans who don’t like Hill were supporting him and his stance.`

Another fan posted, “He is telling the truth. The Chiefs always get help by the refs and the NFL. Mahomes is the golden child of the league.”


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While one user made a bold prediction.


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What do you think about Hill’s comment and the whole controversy around the referee’s decision? Let us know in the comments.

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