NFL World Stunned With Massive Fight Breaking Out on Field (VIDEO) That Leads to Baltimore-Based Teams Receiving Playoff Suspension

Published 11/03/2022, 5:30 PM EDT

Football is a sport with a fierce level of physicality. However, it could lead to some severe consequences. They say everything is bigger in Texas, but the intensity was at an all-time high in Baltimore. A college football game turned into a war zone after the two team coaches had a massive altercation on the field. After the video picked up sensationalism, it stunned the NFL Universe, who also put their thoughts on it.

The city of Baltimore had a high-school-level football match at Homewood Field at Johns Hopkins University. The City College and Baltimore Polytechnic High School went head to head in a football game. However, the situation went more physically, and it led to mayhem.


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The readers can see coaches from both teams swinging at each other in the footage, following which the violence broke out. Notably, no players appear to have been a part of it, and they were trying to separate the coaches from each other. However, both teams are facing a punishment.

The City College and Baltimore Polytechnic got a letter from the public school district officials who issued a punishment. Both teams will face a suspension for the next game, which dismays their hopes for the state playoffs. 


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City College won the game, bringing their regular season record to 6-3. Baltimore Polytechnic fell to 8-2 with the loss. As per WMAR-TV, both sides have been mortal enemies for years. They’ve met on 133 occasions, with City winning the last ten matchups.

NFL Universe was shocked to see the high-school brawl in Baltimore

After a video of the fight broke into the Internet, the NFL Universe sounded critical of the actions in Baltimore.

A user is wondering how other adults applaud it as the correct decision and that it is a positive outcome.

Another user claimed it to be an embarrassment for the longest-running high school rivalry.

This user said the kids lost their chance as the coaches could not act like adults.

Moreover, this user wants the coaches to face a suspension, claiming that the others were trying to stop it.

Another user claimed that the kids showed restraint, but they are still facing the punishment.

This user did not see the scuffle as a big fight.


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A user scouted the perfect punishment for the ones who started the altercation.


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The NFL Universe is heavily critical of the coaches, as they cost the young athletes’ chances of making it into the state playoffs. It is yet to see if the situation has any new development.

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