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“He Almost Ate Sh*t”: Standing at 4’8, Simone Biles Becomes the Most Interesting Green Bay Star After Aaron Rodgers’ Exit

Published 05/29/2023, 4:13 AM EDT

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Size can deceive. And Olympian gymnast Simone Biles, certainly does. She has proved time and again that she is not only the best at what she does, but also a multitude of other things.  The 4’8 short queen went against her Green Bay Packers‘ safety husband, Jonathan Owens, and absolutely decimated him in a rope climbing competition. Now, she went against another NFL giant and her husband’s teammate and gave him a taste of dirt.

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The two went head to head on the track and Biles surprised everyone, including her opponent and her husband. Following the departure of star quarterback Aaron Rodgers from the New York Jets, it appears that the Packers have once again found a shining star, not as an NFL player, but as the Olympic sensation Simone Biles.

Watson vs. Biles in an unforgettable showdown!


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On Sunday, an enthralling race took place between an Olympian and an NFL player. Biles, starting her gymnastic journey at the age of 6 and standing at a height of 4’8″, shared a video of this historic race on her Instagram story. Watson, towering at 6’5″, later reshared the video on his own Instagram. In the footage, they can be seen engaged in a spirited race, with a few spectators fortunate enough to witness this playful competition.

Despite Watson emerging as the victor, Biles, trailed him by only a few inches. Her astonishing speed left everyone in awe, including Watson himself. Perhaps that’s why he humorously captioned the story with, “Gymnasts are sneaky fast… noted📝😂“. In the video, he can be seen displaying signs of nervousness just before the competition with Biles. Fans were both delighted and surprised to witness their thrilling competition, which elicited mixed reactions from them.


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A mixed bag of emotions from the fans for an epic race!

Matt Schneidman, a staff writer for ‘The Athletic’, and also a beat writer for the Green Bay Packers, shared the video clip of the epic race on Twitter with the caption reading, “Christian Watson was so nervous for his race against Simone Biles that he almost ate shit before the race even started.” In this post, fans wasted no time sharing their comments and skeptical thoughts about the race. Some Twitter users expressed their delight in seeing them as a team.

A few also remained skeptical about their speed and shared their thoughts.

One user also mentioned Watson’s injury and commented on the post.


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Despite securing victory in the race, Watson’s triumph was by a mere few strides, highlighting the undeniable speed and agility of Biles. What are your thoughts on this impressive display of athleticism?

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