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“Really Don’t Give a F*c*”: Tom Brady’s 40-Second Dose Sends Waves of Motivation to Boxing Champion Canelo Alvarez and Listeners

Published 09/27/2023, 6:53 AM EDT

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Sports players and athletes live by a certain ideology as they progress in their careers. What separates a great sportsperson from an average one is the mindset. No one knows better than about being a champion player than Tom Brady. Often heralded as the NFL GOAT, the player performed at the top level for more than two decades. The 15X Pro Bowler recently sat down for a wholesome conversation with one of the leading boxers.

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While the duo discussed a lot of things, they also touched upon the basics of making a successful sportsperson. The crucial elements were brilliantly described by the 7X SB winner as the boxer too shared his perspectives. What followed next were the traits that defined any premier athlete. Brady too discussed how he transitioned himself into a terrific player as his career progressed.

Tom Brady shares a heartfelt motivating mantra


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Tom Brady is one of the leading sports personalities all across America. Recently, on his podcast talk show “Let’s Go”, he was joined by Canelo Alvarez. The champion boxer whose cars always sit in the garage and the NFL GOAT had an interesting conversation. Gradually, the exchange moved on to the qualities that define a successful sportsperson. The 5X SB MVP shared his views, saying “I’ve always noticed that people have a lot of self-confidence. They really don’t give a f**k! Because in the end, they’re doing it for themselves and not for anyone else!”

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Brady’s inspiring words struck a chord with the listeners. He shed light on the important aspect of being self-confident and carrying an air of nonchalance. As per the celebrated QB, the champion athletes aren’t perturbed by what others are doing and instead focus on their own goals. Brady further broke down the same in simpler terms. “It’s like a child, naturally they think they can be good at something. Even though, they’ve never tried it. ….For the most part, everything is learned.”


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He then highlighted how it’s great that Canelo has learned the English language despite it not being his first lingo. These enlightening perspectives shed light on the mindset that made Tom Brady who he is today! Keeping up with the words, Tom Brady shared a jaw-dropping personal statement.

Tom Brady is now 10 pounds leaner


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Brady always carried strong muscular proportions to go with his tall frame during his playing days. The reason for retirement suiting Tom Brady is the extra weight the former QB has dropped. Speaking on the Let’s Go podcast, when the conversation moved to resist the urges for cheesecakes and other tempting delicacies.

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That’s when one of the co-hosts exclaimed that the celebrated player looked more leaner than before. He shared that he’s down by 10 pounds and feels more fit than ever! The former jersey no. 12 highlighted the importance of maintaining mental and physical health. As his life changed after retirement, he said that if he didn’t take care of life, he wouldn’t have a life!


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The insights provided by Tom on keeping a sense of self-confidence. Its importance on game awareness and ultimately succeeding in the chosen sports field is quintessential as per the NFL GOAT.

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