After Exposing Kim Kardashian’s Shocking DM, Nikki Glaser Reveals Why She “Won’t Be Friends” With Tom Brady in Another Roast Confession

Published 05/15/2024, 1:02 PM EDT

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The roast of Tom Brady was a phenomenal event for both the fans of the comedy and the NFL world. All bets were off as Brady was roasted on every scandal that has ever been brought up in his career. The show ended with a good laugh, and yet, Nikki Glaser got the feeling that Brady wouldn’t want to be friends with her in the future.

Tom Brady, the 7-time Super Bowl-winning legend, agreed to be the scapegoat of all the zingers when he said yes to the event. Comedians like Kevin Hart, Jeff Ross, and Andrew Shulz were all part of the show, but the set of Nikki Glaser ended up taking the cake. She received a lot of appreciation from the fans and even Kim Kardashian couldn’t help but slide into her texts and congratulate her. Though it seems like Glaser was on top of the world after the roast, Brady didn’t come off as too friendly of a person.

Tom Brady wasn’t too friendly with Nikki Glaser


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On the 15th May episode of the ‘This Past Weekend with Theo Von’ podcast, Nikki Glaser came on to talk about the roast and how it changed her life overnight. Moreover, she later disclosed how meeting Tom Brady after the show didn’t feel like he would be interested in maintaining a long-term friendship with her.

She narrated the story of how he expressed well-wishes for her future but interpreted it as a code for never wanting to hang out again. Glaser said, ” I knew we were not going to be friends. He’s not going to be like, “Oh, you should come to my parties or something.” So I said thank you and he said, “Thank you so much. You did great, good luck with everything,” which is kind of like, you’ll never talk to me again. Yeah, have a nice life.” Thus, even though she couldn’t become besties with the Patriots‘ legend, she was able to garner a lot of fans especially, Kim Kardashian, who ended up showering Glaser with praise.


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Kim Kardashian became Glaser’s newest fan after the roast


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During the roast, the star of the ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ show, Kim, didn’t exactly have a great time. She was booed as soon as she hit the stage, which could be directed towards her since the rumors of her and Brady dating popped up back in 2023. Despite all that, she didn’t hold back from complimenting her fellow roaster, Nikki Glaser.


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Glaser revealed in an interview that Kim slid in her DMs and penned down an amazing message for her. Kim’s text read, “You killed it on the roast.” To which, Glaser responded by saying, “‘Kim, oh, my God, I was trying to make eye contact with you every chance I could to mouth to you, ‘You f—ing killed, girl,’ which was no surprise after your SNL monologue, which was elite. You are so talented. Thank you so much for writing me.”

With a night that ended in laughs and a topic of gossip for days and weeks, Glaser couldn’t make a friend out of Tom Brady but definitely has a spark with Kim Kardashian, which the two could possibly explore in the future.


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