Chef Antonia Lofaso Labels Terry Bradshaw’s On-Air Kiss and Grab as “An Innocent Gesture”

Published 11/23/2023, 8:16 PM EST

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It’s not uncommon for former NFL star Terry Bradshaw to find himself facing the wrath of the public. And he did it again during the Fox pregame show before the big Thanksgiving Day kickoff. This time, he drags celebrity chef Antonia Lofaso in the muddle with him. 

Terry Bradshaw gave the internet something to talk about when he kissed Antonia Lofaso on air. But as the world slams his audacious behavior, the 47-year-old chef stands in support of the Fox NFL Sunday analyst and co-host. 

Antonia Lofaso dismisses Terry Bradshaw’s action as “an innocent gesture”


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In the recent food segment during the Fox pregame show, Terry Bradshaw kissed celebrity chef Antonia Lofaso on the cheek. The action drew a lot of criticism from viewers who felt that it was an inappropriate gesture considering the chef made a face when the 75-year-old kissed her. 

Antonia Lofaso is the owner of several restaurants in Los Angeles, including Black Market Liquor Bar and DAMA. She has appeared on various shows including Top Chef, Chopped, and Restaurant Startup, among others. Nobody knew at that time what the 47-year-old chef would be feeling but she had no hard feelings towards Terry Bradshaw who incited the rumor. Shortly after, she took to Twitter to put the “rumors to rest” by announcing that the kiss was an “innocent gesture of enjoying my dish.”


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But this is not the first time Terry Bradshaw has picked up criticism for inappropriate comments. His time on the FOX NFL Sunday Show has been littered with controversy as well.

Terry Bradshaw is a magnet for criticism 


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The Pro Football Hall of Famer rose to prominence from his career as the first-round pick in the 1970 NFL Draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers. He played with the team for 14 seasons and helped them secure four SB championships while being named SB MVP two times. But ever since his role began on the Fox NFL Sunday show, Terry Bradshaw became a subject to talk about in terms of criticisms. 

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Recently, he faced backlash when he called the Washington Commanders by their old name Redskins. His struggle with the game highlights last year during the Jacksonville Jaguars win over the Indianapolis Colts also received criticism. His dark comment on Cardinals QB Kyler Murray also landed him in hot water when he said, “I think if this kid ran five or six runs in a row, I think he’d commit suicide or something.”


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Terry Bradshaw’s antics give his fans a source of entertainment at the cost of his own reputation. And while the recent action with Antonia Lofaso didn’t sit well with many fans, the celebrity chef said herself that it was no big deal. And if she says so, who can argue?

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