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Months After $10 Million Tom Brady Masterstroke, Fernando Alonso & Co. Miss Golden Opportunity at Las Vegas GP; Williams Take Advantage

Published 11/19/2023, 12:03 PM EST

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Being the greatest of all time comes with a lot of credibility. Aston Martin recognizes the influential power of NFL legend Tom Brady and invests a substantial $10 million annually to maintain its prominence in the American market. Brady’s affiliation with Aston Martin plays a pivotal role in driving sales, with favorable currency exchange rates amplifying profitability for the British automaker. 

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Brady has additionally expressed an increasing interest in motorsports, another field where the Brand’s prominence is paramount. Although he missed the recent Miami Grand Prix, his presence at the Las Vegas Grand Prix had been highly anticipated. It could also have proven a strategic move for Aston Martin if the NFL icon did not pursue his personal aspirations. 

Aston Martin and its aspirations with Brady 


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Under Lawrence Stroll’s chairmanship, Aston Martin has grappled with substantial losses. As part of Aston Martin’s strategic course towards recovery, the luxury brand has invested heavily in the American NFL icon and matches it with what the company allocates to the James Bond franchise, showcasing the strategic importance of both figures. The total $20 million investment has proven wise, contributing to heightened sales in both the UK and the US. Leveraging Brady’s star power in the paddock and arranging interactions with the brand’s F1 legend Fernando Alonso could generate considerable attention and buzz for the brand. However, the interactions never saw fulfillment since the brand not only missed the Las Vegas Grand Prix but also ended up engaging with a different franchise. 

The Las Vegas Grand Prix offers a prime chance to garner attention by featuring Tom Brady in the paddock. A potential interaction with F1 legend Fernando Alonso, as witnessed with Lewis Hamilton before, would undoubtedly captivate fans. This engagement not only solidifies Aston Martin’s ties with F1 but also broadens its brand appeal to a larger audience. However, the luxury brand missed out on the grand opportunity. Brady did engage with an F1 star ahead of the Las Vegas Grand Prix, just that it was not anyone from the Martin franchise. 


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Brady picks personal time over Las Vegas Grand Prix

Tom Brady, the NFL legend, opted for some personal time amid the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas Grand Prix. While the event aimed for a high-profile and luxurious spectacle, Brady had different priorities, choosing to enjoy a more private experience. Brady shared a FaceTime moment with Williams Racing’s Logan Sargeant ahead of the Las Vegas Grand Prix. 

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Sargeant greeted Brady and acknowledged his absence, expressing a commitment to make him proud. Brady, without disclosing the reason for not being present, apologized and wished Sargeant success in the upcoming race, assuring him of his support. The seven-time Super Bowl winner was instead spotted enjoying water sports on a jet board in Miami Beach. The retired NFL legend has been embracing a more relaxed and adventurous lifestyle, prioritizing health and quality time with his children while Williams rains over Martin’s ambitions. 

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