NFL Rumors: Controversial Antonio Brown’s Six-Word ‘CTE’ Response to $10M Lawsuit Creates Intense Drama

Published 02/23/2024, 10:24 AM EST

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A few days ago, a celebrity jeweler sued former NFL star Antonio Brown for $1 million. This happened after Brown failed to settle a dispute over several pieces of jewelry that his personal jeweler filed in April 2023. As controversies and financial woes keep coming his way, there are rumors that instead of someone else suing him this time, he’ll be the one suing. And as absurd as it may sound, the person he’s rumored to be suing is himself.

On February 23, 2024, MLFootball’s official X account posted, “BREAKING… Legendary #NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown announced he is suing AB for 10 million dollars.” This in itself was extremely confusing to many. How will Antonio Brown sue himself? It led to users writing things like, “I’m literally confused” and “What am I missing?” However, it was AB’s reply to the tweet that caused even more drama.

In September 2023, the former wide receiver appeared to claim that he had CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy), a degenerative neurological disorder caused by repetitive head trauma. Since then, “CTE” has appeared in almost every one of his tweets, and this time was no different. Replying to MLFootball’s claim, he wrote, “Suing the CTE out of em.” This came after AB clarified what he’d meant by “CTE” back in September.

“C.atch T.he E.nergy CTE !!!!!” he tweeted. This prompted many fans to criticize him for his insensitive remarks toward people who do have CTE. As for his recent tweet, that created just as much confusion as the original post by MLFootball did. In light of this, it is important to note that Brown announced his intention to start a podcast with defensive end Chandler Jones. Its name? CTESPN. It’s likely that the mentions of “CTE” in his posts had to do with the podcast, but many followers still attributed the “Suing the CTE out of em” to the neurological disorder.

While Antonio Brown hasn’t confirmed or denied the $10 million lawsuit rumors, they only add another layer to his financial woes. His conduct and financial management have been heavily questioned as he gets stuck in new problems, just as the $1 million lawsuit he recently lost.

Court controversy and legal losses for Antonio Brown

Following a recent court ruling in Los Angeles, California, Brown has been ordered to pay $1,095,000 to celebrity jeweler Shuki for failing to settle a dispute over several pieces of jewelry purchased in 2022. Brown was to settle the costs of the pieces by December 2022, but after failing to do so, Shuki filed a lawsuit in April 2023. That’s not all.

The former Pittsburgh Steelers receiver has constantly been at the receiving end of scrutiny, having also been arrested in Florida for failing to pay child support for his daughter Antanayiah despite having a net worth of over $20 million. His recent tweet about the rumors surrounding him suing himself also adds a layer to his cryptic personality.

Brown was among the highest-paid players of his era and has since only struggled to manage his wealth. About a year ago, AB was accused of selling a man a fake Richard Mille watch for $169,000. His reputation has gone downhill due to these questionable activities. They have made him appear unreliable in the eyes of the law, prompting a hefty fine instigated by his jeweler, Shuki. As per Marca, Shuki alleged that Brown still wears the pieces in question: two $500,000 diamond fingers, a white gold chain, and a ring.

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