Tom Brady recently sent a heartfelt message about his excitement about Sports Illustrated’s new project. In an Instagram post, Brady talked about how he has been a fan of the sports magazine since he was a kid. Since the seven-time Super Bowl winner is one of the most well-known names in sports in the past 20 years, his endorsement carries a lot of weight.

Brady’s message praises Sports Illustrated’s writing and stories that have captivated generations of sports fans. His words hit home for people who have admired how well the magazine captures the essence of sporting success. The quarterback’s support for the magazine points to an exciting new era.

Brady endorses SI’s innovative partnership


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Tom Brady gushed about a new partnership on Instagram, writing, “So excited for this partnership between SI, @weareauthentic, and @minute_media keeping the future of sports media in good hands.” This endorsement from the famous quarterback is critical and shows a lot of faith in the project’s ability to change the future of sports journalism.


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Sports Illustrated, Authentic Brands Group, and Minute Media have joined forces to offer exciting content worldwide using cutting-edge technology and storytelling methods. With these big names in the business world on board, the famous brand claims to give its products new life while ensuring they last and have an impact.

As how people use media changes, Sports Illustrated needs to find new ways to connect with readers across various platforms while still being a trustworthy news source and telling in-depth stories. This strategic alliance promises to keep the magazine’s rich history while using new ways to create and distribute content, ensuring that Sports Illustrated stays a strong voice.

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The partnership not only moves the brand forward but also shows Brady’s long-standing relationship with Sports Illustrated, which has shaped his view on the future of sports media.


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Brady’s lifelong connection with Sports Illustrated

For Tom Brady, Sports Illustrated is more than just a magazine. It has been with him through sports journeys and as a sports fan. He emphasized, “Before cable TV and social media, I learned to love sports through the pages of @sportsillustrated,” showing how influential the magazine is.

Brady’s bond grew stronger after many cover stories showed off his achievements. “If you told 10-year-old Tom he’d be on this many covers, he would have said, ‘That’s pretty impressive for a catcher,‘” he joked, thinking about how he came from nothing and how quickly he became famous.


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Through its partnership, Sports Illustrated is starting a new era. Brady’s enthusiastic support and lifelong connection show that the magazine has a long history and great promise. His approval, along with that of Authentic Brands Group and Minute Media, sets the brand up to captivate fans of all ages by sharing stories that blend tradition and innovation without any problems.

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