“Thanks but No Thanks”: Shannon Sharpe Expresses No Interest in Dating Kim Kardashian Despite Well-Documented Benefits

Published 10/21/2023, 9:17 AM EDT

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There is no doubt that sports and entertainment share numerous stages including the relationship between entities in these separate realms. Thus, it was not surprising to witness retired Denver Broncos tight end Shannon Sharpe get a proposal. It featured none other than Kim Kardashian. 

Interestingly, the response of the former professional was quite unexpected. But, it did not stop the former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver, Chad Johnson from coming up with a brilliant matchup. Alas! The details and tempting suggestion did not stagger Sharpe from honestly putting forth his reasons for a “no”.

Shannon Sharpe politely turns down Chad Johnson’s proposal


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On the Nightcap with Unc and Ocho, Chad Johnson brought forth a hilarious presentation on why Shannon Sharpe and Kim Kardashian would make a good fit. But the “too private” Shannon Sharpe posted on Twitter the following: “I wish Kim the best but, I’ve accepted that my level of privacy will exclude me from some things publicly… So, thanks but no thanks.

Johnson couldn’t help but urge Shannon Sharpe to consider a relationship with Kim Kardashian. He added that she’s looking for an “age appropriate” man “in their 40s.” Well! For Chad Johnson his co-host somehow feels like a perfect fit. He said, “Kim would be the perfect person, like a power couple. Think about Travis Kelce.” 


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The 45-year-old former WR went on to narrate how Taylor Swift’s arrival in his life “exponentially just shot up.” Ever since Taylor Swift came into the life of the football player, his Instagram following has shot to 1 million fans. He continued, “Think about what Kim and that entity itself can do for club Shay Shay. Let me know before I make that call.

The 55-year-old pointed out, “She’s looking for someone in their 40s. Clearly I’m not in my 40s.” However, that did not stop the former WR. He continued and said, “You’re Black right? Whatever age you’re in, you look 40. So it doesn’t matter. We age different. We age gracefully. Our 50 is our 50.

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But Shannon Sharpe still refuses the huge suggestion. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that the former athlete does not have an ideal woman in mind. In fact, he revealed the details regarding the same. 

Johnson exposes Sharpe’s ideal woman


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Shannon Sharpe is not only a legend on the football field but also holds the record for the first tight end to receive more than 10,000 yards in the NFL. Additionally, he also has interesting rules set aside for the potential love of his life. Recently, Chad Johnson had the 3-time Super Bowl champion in a frenzy about his ideal woman’s bathroom conduct. 

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Chad Johnson brought up the bathroom topic where Shannon Sharpe sharply expresses his disgust over women farting in front of him when there’s the “bathroom right there, five steps (away).” As crazy as it might sound, Shannon Sharpe swears “before God and two white men” that he “broke up with a girl for” farting in front of him. 


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Despite this preference of the former professional, what do you think of a possible relationship between Kim K and Sharpe? Do you think the two might be able to get together, irrespective of Sharpe’s reasons against it?

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