Why Did Steelers Legend Terry Bradshaw Use ‘Tom Brady’ as a Pseudonym? Reason Behind Using an Alias Revealed

Published 03/03/2024, 11:03 PM EST

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The story behind why Pro Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw used Tom Brady as his pseudonym may not be a piece of fresh news for some people. But for the newer football fans, this could be the first time hearing about it. And the name choice was purely random. 

When Terry Bradshaw used the alias Tom Brady in 1983, he had no idea the young Brady would later become the NFL GOAT. Looking back to the incident, the 75-year-old previously entertained The Athletics with a joke, “Tom Brady! How lucky am I? There’s no question he and I are linked at the hip — same initials, same number. I had hair back then. I was a s*x symbol. I had it all going then.” So, the question is, why did he use Tom Brady’s name?

Terry Bradshaw used the name Tom Brady to mask his identity


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A news report from 1983 revealed why former Pittsburgh Steelers QB Terry Bradshaw went by the pseudonym of Tom Brady 41 years ago today. According to a recent report by ML Football, the reason is that Bradshaw “needed shoulder surgery but he did not want to draw attention to himself.” Interestingly, Tom Brady was only six at that time. As per reports, Bradshaw tore his elbow muscles in his throwing arm and was admitted to Doctor’s Hospital in Louisiana for a minor surgery under the alias Thomas Brady. 

Hospital administrator Charles Boyd said, “Many times we have to admit people under an assumed name or under no name to keep the press and the fans away.” After being admitted on 3rd March and discharged on 5th March, he went to New York to film a commercial. The hospital could’ve used any other name in the world but they chose Tom Brady and the wildest coincidence of it all? Tom Brady later on went to become the only QB in the NFL to surpass Bradshaw’s 4 Super Bowl wins. 


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The relationship between Tom Brady and Terry Bradshaw 

Terry Bradshaw’s postseason record in his 19 games stands at 261 passes for 3,833 yards and was one of the best QBs of his era. Behind Tom Brady’s seven SB wins, he’s tied in second with Joe Montana with four SB wins. When the NFL GOAT surpassed his record with his fifth SB win in 2017, the ‘fake’ Tom Brady was there as the presenter to congratulate the real Tom Brady!

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Bradshaw also joked about this coincidence during an interview with The Athletic in 2021 saying that Tom Brady’s success should be attributed to him. He joked, “Everything Tom Brady has today is because of me, do you know that? Think about it. Every record he owns he had to go through me. Get used to that, Tom Brady.” Who would’ve thought this wild story is a coincidence at its best! 

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