“Caitlin Clark Should Be…”: Antonio Brown Makes a Shocking Confession After Continuously Insulting WNBA Sensation

Published 04/22/2024, 3:41 PM EDT

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The Twitter world seems to be in a topsy-turvy ever since Antonio Brown has changed his entire narrative revolving around Caitlin Clark. From once winning a Super Bowl ring alongside the legendary Tom Brady to now being a nefarious figure of controversy on social media, this has been the life trajectory of Antonio Brown.

Brown’s X official account is filled with firing shots at famous people whom he targets on the daily. People like Shannon Sharpe, Tom Brady, and even Joe Biden have been at the forefront of his callouts. Recently, Brown tried to fixate his radar on Caitlin Clark, the next generational talent in women’s college basketball and made several inappropriate comments about her. Now, it seems like the former WR for the Buccs has curbed his ways as he’s praising her, which isn’t something we’re used to expecting from AB.

Antonio Brown gives Caitlin Clark the ultimate compliment


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In a tweet posted on April 22, Antonio Brown shared his thoughts on the debate between men’s college basketball and women’s college basketball. According to him, the women’s sport takes the cake this season and specifically mentioned Caitlin Clark.

He wrote, “I’ll say it again 🍿 This season – Womens CBB > Mens CBB Caitlin Clark should be drafted in NBA Starpower in WBB this season > Mens CBB Angel Reese vs Caitlin Clark a 🎬 Juju & Paige locked in for next season” AB also mentioned the names of Angel Reese, Juju Watkins and Paige Bueckers as the best in the sport right after Clark. It is ironic how a few weeks ago, AB was blocked by the Indiana Fever guard and today, he’s singing her praises. Unfortunately, if you were tired of hearing the name Brown repeatedly, it is about to get worse since the prince of scandals has recently launched his podcast, which is sure to diversify his online presence.


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Antonio Brown’s newest podcast

The newly launched podcast is titled the ‘CTESPN Pod’ and has already shot its first episode with the Miami Dolphins’ wideout, Tyreek Hill. In what is supposedly one of the show’s segments titled, “Is He Alright?”, Brown was seen asking Hill to rate fellow players like Davante Adams, Michael Thomas, and Jaylen Waddle.


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Antonio Brown is a provocative figure, through and through. It was worse enough when he would make derogatory statements on X but now he will be going full throttle with his newest podcast. The response from the fans has been mixed, from a majority complaining about his condescending online personality to others welcoming his new venture into sports journalism.


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