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NFL Matches That Will See High Scores

NFL Matches That Will See High Scores


The NFL has had a long an illustrious 97-year history. Having started since 1920, there have been numerous matches played since then. Of course, there are NFL matches that have seen so many touchdowns and tries scored, that they’ve gone down in history. Fast-forwarding to the 2017-18 season, we will look at upcoming matches. NFL matches that will see really high scores.

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Five NFL Matches that Will See High Scores

5. Kansas City Chiefs vs Denver Broncos

NFL Matches
Chiefs vs Broncos

Kansas City are a formidable team. Back in September, they cruised to a 42-27 victory over New England Patriots.They followed that up with a 42-34 win over the Houston Texans. The Broncos have had an up and down season. After 6 straight wins in August and September, they lost once, won again and had 2 losses. On 18th September, the Broncos stampeded all over the Dallas Cowboys with a score of 42-17. If both team bring their A game on the 31st October, We could be in for a very high-scoring match.

4. New Orleans Saints vs Chicago Bears

NFL Matches
Saints vs Bears

The New Orleans Saints were involved in a titanic battle on the 15th of October. In the end, they dispatched the Detroit Lions with a score of 52-38. The highest score the Chicago Bears have scored is 27 against the Baltimore Ravens.

3. Oakland Raiders vs Buffalo Bills

NFL Matches
Raiders vs Bills

The Oakland Raiders recorded a huge victory against the New York Jets. The final score read 45-20 in favour of Oakland. The Buffalo Bills haven’t really recorded any huge wins. They scored 30 in a win against Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

2. Seattle Seahawks vs Houston Texans

NFL Matches
Seattle Seahawks vs Houston Texans

The Seahawks are a team that is capable of reaching high scores. Just ask the Indianapolis Colts who were beaten 46-18. They even brushed aside the Los Angeles Chargers with a score of 48-17. The Houston Texans also possess the ability to score high during NFL matches. When they faced the Tennessee Titans, they won with a score of 57-14. They followed it up in the next match with a 42-34 win over Kansas.

1. Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins

NFL Matches
Redskins vs Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys won their last match against the San Fancisco 49ers with a hefty score of 40-10. The Redskins have not really set the scoreboards alight in their matches. Their highest score was in the match against the Los Angeles Rams where they won with a score of 27-20.

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