After Cheering Shilo & Shedeur On, Deion Sanders’ Ex Pilar Becomes Shelomi’s Support System for Upcoming Event

Published 01/17/2024, 1:22 PM EST

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The Sanders brothers, Shedeur, and Shilo, have been making headlines lately not only for their football prowess but also for their success in the fashion industry. They recently strutted their stuff at the Louis Vuitton Fashion Show in Paris, which was unexpected but a source of immense pride for their Colorado fans.

But that’s not all, Shelomi Sanders, their youngest sister, is also making waves in the fashion world making her mother Pilar Sanders proud. The rising basketball star of Colorado, Shelomi is gearing up for a significant project and a recent Instagram post by mother Pilar gives fans a sneak-peak into the behind-the-scenes.

Shеlomi’s risе and Pilar Sandеrs’ proud momеnt as a mothеr


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Deion Sanders‘ ex-wife Pilar Sanders recently shared a post on Instagram, featuring her doing her daughter Shelomi’s makeup and capturing a candid moment of Shelomi expressing her thoughts on embracing a more glamorous side. The video was originally shared on Shelomi’s TikTok account, showcasing the beautiful mother-daughter connection, where Shelomi playfully muses, “Really think my mom wants me to be a makeup girly.”


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However, Pilar Sanders’ involvement goes beyond doing her daughter’s makeup. Resharing the TikTok in the form of an Instagram reel, Pilar revealed that while her sons were off to Paris for the Louis Vuitton Fashion Show, she was on set assisting Shelomi with a major brand shoot. Although details about the brand name and shoot remain undisclosed, the video was accompanied by a lighthearted caption expressing Pilar’s surprise at her daughter’s zero interest in makeup: “Can you tell she does not like makeup? How did this happen? I always wondered!” Pilar Sanders proudly showcased her support for all her children. Notably, her focus on Shelomi’s latest brand shoot comes following her cheer and support for her sons.


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Pilar Sandеrs showcased immense pridе in Shеdеur and Shilo’s LV runway show in Paris

Mothеr Pilar’s еarliеr Instagram post rеsonatеd with еxcitеmеnt and pridе as shе highlightеd hеr sons’ achiеvеmеnts, еmphasizing thеir ability to brеak down barriеrs and еxcееd thе accomplishmеnts of thеir parents(mother’s) in thе fashion world. Shе proudly wrote, “As a formеr FORD and Elitе modеl I always wantеd my babеs to takе thе rеins and еxpеriеncе thе amazing lifе and timеs I had doing runway shows, shoots and on sеt filming. And all of thеm actually arе!”

Deion Sanders Joins Forces With Ex Wife Pilar & Daughter Deiondra to Gush Over Shedeur’s Flashy OOTD


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As a former Ford and Elite model, mommy Sanders expressed her joy at witnessing her children embrace and excel in the fashion and modeling industry. Her Instagram posts serve as a testament to the family’s shared triumphs and the pride she feels for each child’s unique journey. The Sanders family continues to leave their mark across various fields, creating a legacy of talent, passion, and unbridled success.

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