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The 2024 NFL Draft is near; excitement surrounds athletes, especially USC’s Caleb Williams. The Chicago Bears’ general manager, Ryan Poles, has an excellent feel for quarterback talent, as he was part of the Chiefs organization when Patrick Mahomes was picked. Fans are curious about Poles’ recent claim that he finds similarities between Mahomes and Williams.

Williams is one of the most wanted talents in this year’s draft because of his excellent college career, which proved his arm strength, mobility, and sense of leadership. Many organizations view Williams as a potential franchise quarterback, and interest in him has only increased due to Poles’ comparison to Mahomes.

Draft experience of Ryan Poles with Patrick Mahomes


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When the Chiefs selected Patrick Mahomes in the 2017 draft, Ryan Poles, the current Bears general manager, was a member of the Chiefs organization. Poles stated, “You oversaw all aspects of college scouting across the country for the Chiefs at the time when Mahomes got drafted by the Chiefs.” In the 2017 NFL Draft, Mahomes was the 10th overall choice, mainly because of Poles’ outstanding talent recognition and ability to figure out the quarterback’s unique skill set.

From that time, only Mahomes has evolved as one of the NFL’s most successful quarterbacks, helping the Chiefs to several playoff appearances and three Super Bowl triumphs (Super Bowl LIV, LVII, and LVIII). Poles’ approach to analyzing quarterback prospects has been influenced by his experience scouting and picking Mahomes. This has given him the confidence to use his gut when evaluating possible skills.

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Poles has pointed out three significant parallels between Mahomes and Caleb Williams, another elite quarterback prospect, in light of the impending NFL draft. Fans and observers are interested in seeing how Williams compares to the elite quarterback because of these shared features.


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Three similarities between Caleb Williams and Patrick Mahomes

Bears general manager Ryan Poles has noted three notable similarities between Caleb Williams and Patrick Mahomes: inventiveness, distinct arm angles, and a large arm. “Creativity, different arm angles, big arm, that part’s there for sure. And that gets you excited, right? Like you’re never out of a game.” He further compared Williams to Mahomes by mentioning his “really unique skill set on top of, you know, being very mobile.”

Williams demonstrated his ability to design plays, make throws from various arm angles, and deliver the ball with accuracy and power throughout his college career. His best plays show off his ingenuity in dodging opponents and locating wide receivers, which is evocative of Mahomes’ improvisation ability. The similarities are further supported by Williams’ outstanding statistics, which include his high completion percentage and touchdown-to-interception ratio.


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Mahomes’ success has demonstrated that a quarterback possessing imagination, arm talent, and mobility can succeed in the contemporary game; these commonalities are encouraging for Williams’ NFL prospects. Williams has the potential to be a franchise quarterback if the Bears select him in the draft. Poles’ assessment of Williams will be highly monitored as the draft draws near, given his experience drafting Mahomes. Ryan Poles believes that Caleb Williams and Patrick Mahomes are similar, so does this mean that the Bears are about to select their franchise quarterback?

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