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Leanna Lenee has recently gained attention as the supportive girlfriend of the University of Colorado superstar Travis Hunter. The couple, together for just over a year, appears deeply in love. Their paths first crossed during Hunter’s senior year at Collins High School in Suwanee, Georgia, marking the commencement of their shared journey.

Lenee recently took to Instagram to share an intriguing story that has taken the football world by storm, prompting speculations regarding the player’s personal life. 

Do Travis Hunter and Leanna Lenee have a baby together? 


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Both Travis Hunter and Leanna Lenee maintain an active social media presence. However, Lenee’s recent Instagram Story has caused a curious upheaval. She posted a picture of the two-way star cradling an adorable infant dressed in lavender. It was an otherwise normal picture, but Lenee’s caption raised eyebrows. On the bottom right corner of the story was written in bold white, “daddy travis.” 


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It is Hunter’s child? Well, we don’t know. Research has not indicated any solid facts supporting the idea that the two lovers share a child.

However, Leanna’s story has caused football fans to start speculating on the possibility of the same. The couple have previously professed their love for each other on social media multiple times, and even share a YouTube Channel.

Travis Hunter and Leanna Lenee’s relationship overview 

Leanna is a notable achiever in her own right, having completed her Bachelor’s degree from Kennesaw State University in December 2022. Beyond her academic pursuits, she and Travis co-manage a YouTube channel with nearly 70,000 subscribers, offering glimpses into their lives, love, and interests. They first met at Collins High School, Suwanee, Georgia, during Hunter’s senior year. 


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In a recent video, Leanna shared her love for Christmas and revealed her fondness for any tune by Lil’ Wayne. This dynamic couple’s life is a tapestry of milestones and simple joys, documented and shared with their growing audience.

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In the face of Travis’s recent injury during a game, Leanna’s unwavering support was visible. She promptly reassured anxious fans through Instagram about Travis’s well-being and expressed gratitude for their prayers. This incident underscores Leanna’s steadfastness and the integral role she plays in Travis Hunter’s life.


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While Leanna’s Instagram pictures from all over the US draw thousands of likes from her 66,000 followers, the collective hope remains for Travis Hunter’s swift recovery and return to the field, with his supportive partner continuously lighting his path.

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