Deion Sanders’ Daughter Deiondra Exposes Ugly Secrets of BF’s ‘Side Chick’ in Fiery Reaction to Alleged Affair

Published 02/08/2024, 3:20 PM EST

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The beef between Deiondra Sanders and Dreezy has reached new levels of extremes now. With what started as a spat over her alleged rapper boyfriend, Jacquееs’ infidelity, has turned into a bitter war of words now. At first, it was Dreezy who spat fire by releasing screenshots between her and Jacquееs which saw him begging the rapper to have a baby with him despite Deiondra’s pregnancy rumors. Now, it seems as if Coach Prime’s daughter has had enough as she has fired her shots back, which will seemingly be the last clap back.

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In a string of Instagram stories, Deiondra wrote, “I really dont wanna post these hoes where he call you a curse but if you keep taking it there I will post recent shit. Not old made up shit like u got. U stay texting his momma and everybody saying thats gonna be yo man still. He finally told you he dont want you now you wanna turn up. Lets play if u wanna play. Not to mention how u was screaming outside the hotel room. “Please tell me your mines” 😭😂 Security had to physically remove you off the premises. Im tryna be the bigger person cause pekple know when I shut it down i dont play fair.

Furthermore, she added another message that indicated that Dreezy has also been trying to make a move on one of the Sanders’s brothers. She wrote, “And stop liking my brothers photos. They would never be seen with a low down lil dusty a** h** like you. Leave me and my family alone. Take yo shit up with Que not me.” It’s evident that Deiondra isn’t holding her words back and is going after Dreezy’s very throat. Do you think Dreezy will respond with an equally fiery response?



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