“Deion [Sanders] Goes to Coach the Cowboys”: Coach Prime Predicted to Follow Son Shedeur to the NFL Amid CU’s Increasing Issues

Published 04/20/2024, 3:43 PM EDT

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As Shеdеur Sandеrs gеars up for his еvеntual NFL draft dеbut in 2025, spеculation about his potential landing spot is alrеady ablazе. Dеion Sandеrs’ rеcеnt rеfеrеncе to a “pulling an Eli” scеnario for his sons has ignitеd intеnsе dеbatе, hinting at cеrtain citiеs bеing off-limits for thеir NFL futurеs in thе 2025 draft.

Furthermore, Coach Primе’s firm dеclaration has takеn cеntеr stagе, leaving fans pondеring his true intentions for his sons. Amid thе frеnzy, veteran NFL player Matt McChеsnеy has chimеd in, еnvisioning Shеdеur’s futurе shining brightly in the Dallas Cowboys. Yеt, as Shеdеur’s NFL journey looms closеr, thе burning quеstion lingеrs: will Coach Primе follow suit and join his sons in thеir football еndеavors?

In an episode of The Coach JB Show with Big Smitty, titled “Deion Sanders headed to Cowboys with Shedeur Sanders?” co-host McChesney has stirred speculation regarding Coach Prime’s future in college football, particularly in the Colorado football program. With son Shedeur Sanders entering the draft next year, there has been speculation that he might land in Dallas, given Coach Prime’s close relationship with Jerry Jones. However, the lingering question is if Deion Sanders will also follow suit to coach Jones’ team.


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via Imago

“I would say that Shedeur gets drafted by the Cowboys and Deion goes to coach the Cowboys and he’s gone next year,” expressed McChesney. “I think Dak’s gone and Shedeur gets drafted… they fire McCarthy and they bring in Coach Prime and Jerry Jones goes nuts… I don’t know this from Coach Prime and he probably gets mad at me for saying it, but this is just what’s going on in my head.”

While McChesney acknowledges that his speculation may provoke Coach Prime’s ire, he emphasizes that it is merely his interpretation of the situation. However, the consistent challenges inside the CU football program might drive Coach Prime out, especially the current mass exodus through the transfer portal.


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CU spring portal mass exodus

Since early March, over 14 Colorado football players have entered the transfer portal, including highly touted recruits like 5-star CB Cormani McClain and running back Alton McCaskill. Notable departures include offensive tackle Savion Washington, who started nine games last season after transferring from Kent State, and tight end Chamon Metayer, who joined from Cincinnati in January but is reportedly transferring again after a brief stint.

However, apart from McClain, most departing players were backups, minimizing the impact for Coach Prime, who weathered a similar exodus last spring when 39 players left. So, the “issue” is not an issue here, at least for Coach Prime, who has seen 39 Colorado players announce they were going last spring. Slowly but surely, Coach Prime recovered from losing players by recruiting 47 scholarship transfer players to his team.


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Looking at Deion Sanders’ dedication to pulling CU back on its feet is something that tells you he is not leaving the program anytime soon. “We’re good,” said Coach Prime on Thursday. “Quit making a big deal out of nothing.”

Furthermore, the spring transfer portal has seen significant commitments to Deion Sanders’ program, such as three-star tight end Sam Hart from Ohio State, four-star edge rusher B.J. Green from Arizona State, and three-star safety Herman Smith. In addition to the recruiters, Deion Sanders’ star college athlete sons, Shedeur and Shilo, are actively involved in recruiting through their social media platforms. Deion Sanders and CU are poised to weather this storm collectively.


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