Is Julian Lewis playing mind games, or is he just keeping his options open?

Hell, they even named a burger after him: ‘Juju’s Precision Pass Burger’.
A burger, red-carpet treatment, welcome signs, and chants, but Julian Lewis won’t stop looking around. And he may have just spurned Deion Sanders with the latest update. What did ‘Ju Ju’ do?

Julian Lewis threw a curveball by posting practice photos in a red Indiana uniform and holding an Auburn University football. He even posted a pic of him kissing the football with the caption, “Just a little work.” 

But is this really surprising? The player is currently committed to USC, but Auburn, Colorado, and Indiana have been trying to recruit him. Auburn’s proximity to Ju Ju’s Georgia home and a potentially strong connection with Indiana’s QB coach, Tino Sunseri, are flaming the competition. Lewis’ visit to these programs just before seeing Deion Sanders has fans speculating on a potential change of heart.


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However, CU fans have been quite enthusiastic and want to see Lewis in Boulder. In fact, the player visited Colorado a couple of times and even Auburn last month.

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Now, the Colorado Buffaloes’ desperation is real. With Shedeur Sanders, the current QB1, moving to the professional league next year, it is critical for the Buffs to land a quarterback who can take over the reins. That’s when CU fans started pleading with the player. It all started with the Buffs’ oldest fan, Peggy Coppom. The 99-year-old superfan appealed to Ju Ju to commit to CU. She had seen 16 head coaches enter and leave the program, but none were like Coach Prime.

Ju Ju I have been cheering for this Colorado Buffs team for 84 years and I’m getting tired of being a good loser. I would love to be a good winner. So come on out here and play for us and help us win,” Peggy said in a clip. This was a fillip to Sanders’ efforts to attract the young QB.

Then, just as Ju Ju was officially visiting Boulder in June, The Sink, a 100-year-old restaurant, introduced a special burger he had inspired. This double-patty cheeseburger was topped with shredded lettuce, red onion, bacon, and A-1 aioli. The restaurant called it a “game-changer.” The Ju Ju’s Precision Pass burger caught the attention of visitors and local residents, who turned out in great numbers and chanted, “We Want Ju Ju!”

So Julian Lewis’s Instagram pictures have puzzled Buffalo fans. What did they say?

Colorado fans try to sort the puzzle Julian Lewis created!

Is Ju Ju just having some harmless fun at the expense of his fans? Buffs’ followers, who have been looking for some message of hope, are unsure how to process his dithering commitment. Some fans remained positive and posted Deion GIFs and buffalo emojis to make their stand known.

But most others were confused. One fan commented, “WHAT DOES THIS MEAN JUJU?” Nearly a year after Ju Ju committed to the Trojans, there seems to be no definite answer on whether he will flip. 

Amidst this, there was some bad news for Ju Ju, with One3 demoting him to a 4-star QB. The Bravo Charlie CFB page on X reported: “Julian Lewis has dropped Julian Lewis’s ranking to a 4⭐️ After winning most consistent in the elite 11 camp, and having a great showing at @RivalsCamp , somehow he dropped to the 7th best QB and 44th overall player. We’ve seen On3 lower Colorado commits rankings in the past…” This added to the confusion over his commitment.


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The frustration was telling among a growing legion of fans who decried Ju Ju’s indecision. Fans called him out as one wrote, “Playing mind games wit all the coaches rn 😂.” Another fan added: “Bro messin with us at this point.” But the question remains: Is he? Unfortunately, we don’t have an answer.

Head coaches like Deion Sanders and Lincoln Riley are in a race to land Ju Ju. But what is the result of this tussle? A few fans summed it up perfectly: “Awww man he trolling.”

However, Auburn fans showed their excitement. They flooded the comments with eagle emojis and even got a simple “Julian” comment from their running back, Damari Alston!


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One Lewis fan, however, wasn’t convinced, leaving the comment, “Auburn has never made a CFB playoffs you hate to see a 5 star wasted.”

It looks like the whole internet seems pretty confused right now. Lewis may be enjoying himself now, but the clock is ticking on his final decision!