“Difference Maker”: Coach Prime Glorifies Deion Sanders Jr. for His Colorado Buffaloes YouTube Project

Published 02/25/2024, 3:03 AM EST

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In a heartwarming display of paternal pride and admiration, Coach Prime recently took to Instagram to commemorate his son, Deion Sanders Jr.’s contributions to the Colorado Buffaloes. Through a dedicated post, he praised Sanders Jr. for his YouTube initiative, ‘Well Off Media’, which has become a game changer for the Colorado Buffaloes. With Sanders Jr. at the helm, the project has emerged as a trailblazer for social media engagement, providing essential insights into the team’s background activities.

Sanders wrote, “This is the real Difference maker in College Sports! Go to YouTube #Welloffmedia @deionsandersjr He is it when it comes to social media regarding a school or player.”

“He is the standard! He Loves what he does and does what he loves. He’s Creative, Innovative, Honest, Selfless, Passionate, Intelligent & Aware,” Deion Sanders wrote. He also shared a picture of him with his son. Sanders Jr., in turn, commented, “Means a lot! Thank You for the opportunity! Love you mane”


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Sanders Jr. has been handling the Buffs’ online presence ever since ‘Prime Time’ joined the team in December 2022. While the team became the talk of the town because of Sanders’ coaching, their social media presence has been a game-changer. With vlogs and behind-the-scenes glimpses making it to the internet, Sanders Jr. has made efforts to keep the audiences’ interest in the team.

How do the Colorado Buffaloes stay relevant with Deion Sanders Jr’s help?

In a chat with ‘The Washington Post’ last year, Sanders Jr. shared that they keep their cameras rolling so that they do not need to do extra work for content. “They (athletes) don’t have to film stuff themselves, all they have to do is show up for workouts, prepare for the game and win, and we’ll handle everything else,” he said.

The team also has an in-house social media team that Sanders Jr. works closely with. What results has all this led to? Well, Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter’s social media following has nearly doubled. The former has about 1.8M followers, whereas the latter has 1.2M. Additionally, the collective followers on Colorado football’s social channels went from 267,000 to over 2.3 million, by the end of 2023.

Deion Sanders has always openly credited his sons whenever needed. In the recent episode of the ‘Coach Prime’ documentary, Sanders commended his son for his innate gifts and unwavering determination to forge his path. The ‘Coach Prime‘ documentary gives fans a new perspective on Sanders’ inaugural season with the Buffaloes, adding a new feather to his distinguished legacy.

However, the only uncertain path about Sanders Jr.’s current job is whether he will continue his journey alongside his father or start a new path of his own, as their legacy of excellence continues to inspire people for years to come.

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