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The Sanders family has had a tough season this year with the Buffs. Deion Sanders and his two sons, Shedeur and Shilo Sanders, are all part of the squad that has had an upsetting year. They currently stand at the bottom of the league with a shocking 4-7 record and are left with one last game before the season ends. But with their impending doom coming to a close, who’s to blame for their downfall?

Shedeur Sanders has been a controversial figure as a Colorado player. Undoubtedly, he’s been one of the most impressive QBs in the NCAA, but when it came to his team, the Buffaloes couldn’t make an impact even with the addition of Coach Prime to the squad. So who’s really to blame for the downfall of the team?

Shilo and Shedeur have both been pivotal members of the team. Shedeur was one of the driving forces behind Colorado’s four wins, but the arrogance of both sons will exist as a stain on the Sanders legacy. Furthermore, the fans haven’t been happy with the way Shedeur and Shilo have acted in the tournament.


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How has Coach Prime changed the trajectory of the Colorado Buffaloes?

While the Buffaloes will be disappointed with the outcome of the season, I have never seen a coach as influential as Coach Prime. He single-handedly managed to overturn the Colorado program in his debut year with the team. The 4-7 record is miles better than their 2022 record of 1-11, thanks to the Sanders men.

Coach Prime didn’t win the championship, but he definitely won the hearts of fans all over. The way he would carry himself and impart wisdom made him one of the most established coaches in the NCAA. But even with all his coaching success, his sons failed to follow the same sort of humility that he possesses.

Shedeur played a more important role in the grand success of the Buffs than Shilo, for sure. He’s had one of the most impressive performances of his career with the team this season, but his attitude toward the game remains unchecked.

Shedeur and Shilo’s arrogance: Did it cause the downfall of Coach Prime’s team?

The Colorado Buffaloes faced off against the Arizona State Sun Devils in a much-anticipated match. The Colorado team performed quite averagely but managed to secure a close win. Colorado’s much-needed win didn’t grab as many eyeballs as Shedeur’s antics after the win did.

Shedeur was being mocked during the entire match by the fans of the Arizona side. Whenever he would throw the ball, a chant of “overrated” could be heard throughout the field. As retaliation, he went towards the fans after the victory and flashed his $70000 expensive watch as a taunt. The move was criticized by the entire NCAA community, and Shedeur had to bear the brunt of his actions.

Shilo has played an equal part when it comes to showing arrogance. He was ejected after a harsh tackle against the UCLA Bruins but later said that he still wouldn’t change his style come what may. Shilo even took to Instagram to share a reel about the incident and captioned it “Bring old school football back.” Shilo and Shedeur will be coming back next year officially. But after this season’s tragic end, we’re all more interested in seeing if Coach Prime will come back for another season.

Will Coach Prime be back for another season with the Buffaloes?

Currently, the rumors spreading around Deion Sanders’ future don’t sound too good for Colorado fans. The Texas Aggies recently fired their HC and have been scouring for another talented coach, and obviously they have Coach Prime on their radar. But while he’d be a valuable asset to their team, Deion hasn’t himself responded to the rumors officially as of yet.


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More importantly, it’ll be improbable for Deion to leave his sons behind with the Colorado team while he coaches at Texas. Shedeur and Shilo will be returning for another year at the Colorado Buffaloes, and thus, this means that their father won’t be far behind.

Coach Prime’s entire persona revolves around the fact that he’s a responsible person when it comes to sports. He’s given it his all when it came to coaching, and even after losing most of their games, he took the criticism right on the chin rather than making excuses for it. The Colorado team desperately needs him, as he’s our best shot at winning the NCAA championship. Hopefully, he hasn’t lost too much heart and will come back stronger next year to guide the team to the ultimate victory.

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Will Coach Prime come back for yet another season? Or has he lost hope with the Colorado team?
Let us know in the comments below.

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