“He’s Broke”: Travis Hunter’s Fiancée Leanna Humorously Exposes Colorado’s Millionaire Athlete Losing Her $200 Birthday Money

Published 04/07/2024, 10:39 PM EDT

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Travis Hunter, a rising star on the Colorado Buffaloes, is not just a one-dimensional player. His versatility as both a cornerback and wide receiver sets him apart, making him a hot prospect for the 2025 NFL Draft. Already cashing in on NIL deals, Hunter’s earning potential is set to skyrocket.

But even with his success, Hunter finds relatable ways to get in trouble. During a recent spring break trip to Mexico with his fiancée Leanna and friends, he lost some money on gambling. In a lighthearted YouTube video, Leanna even playfully called him “broke.”  

Travis Hunter loses in the casino, fiancée teases him


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Their YouTube channel, Travis and Leanna, recently shared a hilarious moment from their vacation in Mexico. While enjoying a meal, Leanna couldn’t resist teasing Travis about his casino losses. “He lost like $200 in the casino. So he’s broke,” she revealed, adding, “He lost my money. He is playing on my birthday money!” She kept things lighthearted, joking, “We are buying this [food] on credit.” Travis was right there with her, showing it’s no big deal.


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Travis Hunter’s journey is just beginning. With bigger trips on the horizon and another year to impress NFL scouts, he’s poised to build an even stronger resume. The future looks bright for this Buffs star, who’s set to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle with his fiancée.


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Hunter is making millions as a two-way star

Coach Prime predicted Travis Hunter would be a top name next year, and he seems right. For starters, the Buffs star shines on both offense and defense. In defense, he got 31 tackles and just 3 interceptions. Likewise, on offense, he caught 57 passes for 721 yards and five touchdowns. That, too, even while missing three games with an injury. Whether Hunter plays receiver or cornerback or continues on offense and defense, he’s a nearly guaranteed top-three pick in the 2025 NFL Draft. Any team lucky enough to get him will face the unique challenge of paying him for dual roles.

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Hunter’s talent will also fetch him more money in the coming years. Even with a tough season last year, he has earned $2.3 million from sponsorships and deals. Brands like SoHoodie, Greenwood, American Eagle, NXTRND, and Phil Long Ford have already recognized his star power. Thus, you can imagine his potential when the regular season kicks off. What do you think about Hunter’s future? Let us know in the comments.

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