‘Hired Only Out of Fear’- Nick Saban Supporters Unleash Fury at Michigan Over Sherrone Moore’s Appointment

Published 01/27/2024, 10:02 AM EST

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In a rеcеnt uphеaval in collеgе football, two iconic coachеs bid farеwеll, crеating voids that rеsonatе across thе sport. Thе lеgеndary Nick Saban, rеnownеd for his 17-year illustrious carееr at Alabama, optеd for rеtirеmеnt. And Jim Harbaugh, having achiеvеd significant succеssеs, dеpartеd Michigan for another shot at thе Supеr Bowl. Harbaugh’s movе was anticipatеd, given his NFL intеrеsts, but Saban’s unеxpеctеd rеtirеmеnt, considеring his monumеntal impact on thе sport, lеft many in disbеliеf. And now, the disbelief is aimed at the Wolverines’ recent activity.

Michigan swiftly rеboundеd by promoting offеnsivе coordinator Shеrronе Moorе, while Alabama is still grappling with thе aftеrmath of Saban’s dеparturе. Even after former Washington Huskies HC Kalen DeBoer was hired with Saban’s blessing, a total of 25 playеrs have dеclarеd their intentions to еntеr thе transfеr portal. While new HC Kalen DeBoer pleads to his players to “give” him “a chance,” uncertainty looms.

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Both DeBoer and Moore had a successful season this past year. The Associated Press Coach of the Year led the Huskies to a 14-1 record, including a Pac-12 Championship, before losing to No. 1 Michigan 34-13 in the national title game. On the other hand, since he was appointed Tight Ends Coach in 2018 to becoming the HC, Moore has not let down the Wolverines, even successfully taking over for Harbaugh during his suspension last year.


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Alabama faces a significant loss of players entering the transfer portal, leading to an unexpected online narrative. Crimson Tide fans are drawing unsolicited comparisons between the management ethics of Michigan and Alabama. The discussion gained momentum on X after a post by a fervent Nick Saban supporter questioned Michigan’s hiring strategy in light of Ohio State’s competitive moves.

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Who made the better HC decision: “motivated” Alabama or “short-sighted” Michigan?

The fan account named @sabanfaux argued on X, stating, The Michigan hire is very short-sighted. They hired out of fear and fearing Ohio State’s investment in top talent to regain dominance in the Big 10. They opted for a short-term approach to retain the current roster instead of hiring the best coach for long-term success.” This post sparked a discussion among fans of Alabama football.

One fan agreed with the post and said, “I think you’re absolutely right about their focus on retaining their roster. I haven’t been this excited for a season in a while. The coaches seem motivated to build something for the long term instead of just trying to save their careers.” Compared to Moore’s promotion, Crimson Tide fans feel that, although the team might get off to a slow start, Kalen DeBoer will help them eventually get to the next level.


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Michigan’s main rival, Ohio State, is predicted to be back in top form this season with high-end players in the right positions. Considering this, everyone believes the Wolverines won’t have as dominant a season. In light of this, and that Michigan has supposedly played it safe with Moore’s promotion, a fan wrote, I couldn’t agree more. Michigan is going to suck.” Another commented, “spot on.”

These comments by Alabama fans reveal a division in opinions, with Alabama supporters applauding their team’s commitment to long-term success despite immediate setbacks and contrasting it with what they perceive as Michigan’s “fear-driven” decisions. However, a few are still wary about DeBoer’s hiring. “I don’t know if Alabama’s hire has what it takes in the SEC. We already know Michigan’s coach is ready.”

Considering the SEC is arguably the toughest conference, coaching Alabama could be an entirely different ball game for DeBoer. While questioning Alabama’s decision, one user even supported Michigan. “I agree but also internal hiring isn’t necessarily a bad thing especially considering that 4-game run Moore had, it’s a solid succession plan.”


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The online discourse continues to fuel discussions about these contrasting approaches and their potential implications for the future performance of both football programs.

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