“How Long You Been Lying, Bro?”: Deion Sanders Jr. Playfully Calls Out Ex-Bengals Cornerback for Alleged Betrayal

Published 03/02/2024, 7:12 PM EST

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Deion Sanders Jr.’s Well Off Media captures the good and the bad. This YouTube channel with 440K subscribers has become a platform for players to showcase their true identities beyond the pictures. And Junior takes this chance to call out someone who supposedly broke a promise. 

Former Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam Jones has always been close to the Sanders family. He also appeared recently on Deion Sanders Jr.’s YouTube channel along with other NFL stars like Antonio Brown to have a friendly banter with Junior and Shedeur Sanders. But this time, there’s nothing he could do but listen to Junior’s rant on how he felt betrayed by him. 

Deion Sanders Jr. unleashes his disappointment over Adam Jones’ no-show


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Deion Sanders Jr. isn’t happy with Adam Jones and he’s letting the world see his frustration on Well Off Media. The oldest son of Deion Sanders facetimed the former Bengals cornerback and demanded, “How long you been lying, bro?” As the situation implies, Jones missed his promised visit to Colorado.

After an initial state of confusion, Jones replied, “I haven’t been lying, first of all. Second of all, I told you I would be there Wednesday. I wasn’t able to come Wednesday because I had to turn in the video in to Universal so I had to shoot SOB on Wednesday. So, I will be there and I’m not lying.”


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Even so, Deion Sanders Jr. wasn’t going to let it go easily. He moved to former Bengals staff Robert Livingston’s office and told Jones that he let both of them down when he didn’t turn up. For someone who grew up with Jones around, this is especially hard on Junior.


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Adam Jones’ close relationship with Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders served as a mentor to Adam Jones 16 years ago. But it was only in 2016 that the two forged a strong relationship. When Jones was a free agent and his NFL future hung on an uncertain thread shrouded with several controversies, Coach Prime reprimanded him and enlightened him on how your reputation could get tainted with the slightest bit of doubt. This is what Deion Sanders said, “I texted Pacman and said, ‘Take that junk down from your Instagram. You are a free agent, man.’

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Ever since that incident, the bond began to flourish. Adam Jones visited the Sanders family when he was hospitalized with blood clots. He told BuffsBeat, “Deion means everything to me. He’s like a father figure, and I’ve never looked up to anybody besides him when it comes to looking up to a man, not until I met him.” With a testimony like that, Pacman must really have urgent business to take care of to miss the meeting with Deion Sanders Jr. 

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